FEBRUARY 5, 2024

Step 4 to Advance your Ingest and Playout Strategies

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Have you identified strategic partners who can help you achieve your goals

Transitioning from SDI to IP-based technologies involves significant changes in infrastructure workflows. No need to go it alone. Bring in strategic partners to help ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

This is the 4th installment in our six-part ingest and playout blog series. The series covers steps to consider in a move to IP that includes identifying goals; what change management plan and training are needed; strategic partners who can help; and how to measure results. The blog offers an action plan corresponding to Avid Product Evangelist Craig Wilson’s white paper that details the future of ingest and playout, providing background and understanding of where the industry is headed.

So how do you choose the right partners?

  • Assess expertise and experience. Find partners with a proven track record in implementing IP-based solutions in the media industry
  • Confirm that potential partners offer solutions compatible with your existing systems, workflows, and future scalability requirements
  • Review their level of support and services including ongoing maintenance, training, and troubleshooting during and after the transition
  • Communicate your transition objectives and ask potential partners for proposals including approach, timeline, cost, customization needed, and how they will address your specific challenges

There are many potential strategic partnerships to consider depending on your organization’s needs and goals:

  • Consultants specializing in media technology integration can provide guidance in designing and implementing IP-based infrastructures tailored to your objectives
  • Equipment manufacturers that produce IP-based broadcast equipment and solutions can ensure access to needed innovative hardware and software
  • Companies specializing in network infrastructure are essential for establishing robust and scalable IP networks to efficiently handle media content
  • Cloud service providers leverage cloud-based solutions for storage, processing, and distribution of media content over IP networks
  • Software developers specializing in media asset management, transcoding, and workflow automation help in implementing software-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with IP infrastructure
  • Training partners who provide education in IP-based broadcasting technologies can upskill your staff to learn and adapt to new systems
  • Participating in industry forums can provide valuable insight and best practices for transitioning
  • Managed service providers specializing in media workflows offer ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization of the IP-based infrastructure
  • System integrators experienced in both SDI and IP technologies can facilitate a smooth transition by ensuring compatibility between existing systems and newly implemented IP-based solutions
  • Content delivery networks help in the efficient distribution of media content over IP-based networks to a global audience

Choosing the right partners is vital for a successful transition. Reviewing their track record and alignment with your organization’s goals and values is essential before entering into agreements. Maintain open communication and collaboration throughout the transition process to ensure a successful SDI to IP transformation.

Make the move to the future of ingest and playout. 

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Step 1 Set the goals

What are you trying to achieve through a move to IP-based technologies?

Start now 

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Step 2 Is SDI still relevant?

What value will a move from SDI to IP bring to your business? 

Move forward

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Step 3 Minimize problems

What is your change management and training plan to support staff and implement the change effectively?

Explore key steps

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Step 5 Is it working?

How will this value be measured to ensure the benefits are being maximized?

See how

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Find the right partners to help you transition.

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