FEBRUARY 5, 2024

Step 5 to Advance your Ingest and Playout Strategies

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How will you measure to ensure the maximum benefits of a transition from SDI to IP?

You’ve put all that time, effort, and expense into transitioning from SDI to IP solutions. How can you measure ingest and playout transition success to realize the benefits you hoped for?

This is the latest installment in our six-part ingest and playout blog series. The series covers steps to consider in a move to IP that includes identifying goals; strategic partners who can help, and what change management plan and training are needed. The blog offers an action plan corresponding to Avid Product Evangelist Craig Wilson’s white paper that details the future of ingest and playout, providing background and understanding of where the industry is headed.

Measuring the success of such a transition involves assessing various aspects. Key metrics and methods to measure range from performance data and operational workflows to cost savings and customer response:

Operational Efficiency

  • Workflow optimization: Evaluate the efficiency gains in content creation, editing, and distribution workflows. Measure how IP solutions streamline processes compared to SDI, reducing manual intervention and time spent on tasks.
  • Resource utilization: Review how effectively resources, including equipment, staff, etc., are utilized in an IP-based setup compared to SDI. Assess any reduction in resource requirements or increased productivity.
  • Error rates and downtime: Track the reduction in errors and system downtime after the transition. Lower error rates and minimal downtime are indicative of improved system reliability.

Cost Savings and ROI

  • Total cost of ownership: Calculate cost of IP solutions compared to SDI, considering initial investment, maintenance, operational costs, and potential savings over time.
  • Return on investment (ROI): Measure ROI by comparing benefits achieved (efficiency gains, costs savings) against the initial investment in transitioning to IP solutions.

Flexibility and Innovation

  • Adaptability to new technologies: Assess the ease of integrating new technologies or upgrades in an IP-based environment compared to SDI. Measure how adaptable the infrastructure is to future technological advancements.
  • Innovation and collaboration: Measure improvements in innovation and collaboration within the organization due to the flexibility and enhanced capabilities offered by IP solutions.

Performance Metrics

  • Bandwidth efficiency: Measure the efficiency gains in bandwidth utilization after transitioning to IP. Compare data on data transfer rates, throughput, and network performance between SDI and IP infrastructures.
  • Latency reduction: Measure latency improvements in IP-based workflows compared to SDI. Lower latency is often a significant benefit of IP solutions.
  • Signal quality: Assess the quality of signals transmitted over IP compared to SDI. Confirm that signal quality remains high during the transition.

User and Customer Satisfaction

  • Feedback surveys: Gather feedback from employees and stakeholders involved in using the new IP infrastructure. Assess their satisfaction levels, ease of use, and any challenges faced.
  • Customer experience: If applicable, collect feedback from customers or end-users consuming media content delivered through the IP-based system. Evaluate their experience and satisfaction levels.

Compliance and Standards

  • Adherence to standards: Ensure that the IP solutions meet industry standards and compliance requirements. Measure how well the transition aligns with established standards.

Regularly collecting and analyzing these metrics before, during, and after the SDI to IP transition will help in achieving success, ensuring that maximum benefits are realized, and that any needed adjustments are made to further optimize the workflow.

Make the move to the future of ingest and playout. 

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Step 1 Set the goals

What are you trying to achieve through a move to IP-based technologies?

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Step 3 Minimize problems

What is your change management and training plan to support staff and implement the change effectively?

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Step 4 Confirm support

Have you identified strategic partners who can help you achieve your aims?

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Measure ingest and playout transition success. Be sure your hard work is paying off.

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