DECEMBER 14, 2021

Let the Creativity Flow

MediaCentral and Avid Creative Cloud

You are working to a deadline. You need to get a new, custom-made graphic done. You have some shots you want the graphics team using Adobe Photoshop or After Effects to use.

But in order to get the shots to them, you need to export them to your local drive and save them somewhere, allow your team to find and import the shots to their local machine, wait as your team works on it, and then, finally, you need to get it back by doing the same process in reverse.

Plus, add-in the fact that you are also doing this over an email or messaging system disconnected from the production system, which is just adding time-consuming steps. And don’t forget—that deadline is rapidly approaching.

Why not take a new approach with the integrated workflows between Avid MediaCentral and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products?

MediaCentral and Adobe Creative Cloud

The new MediaCentral panel for Adobe Premiere Pro streamlines the workflow, saving teams time and ensuring they focus on the creative tasks at hand.

Graphics artists using either application can open the panel as an extension to gain access to all the media with the MediaCentral | Production Management and MediaCentral | Asset Management systems.

Adobe After Effects and MediaCentral

Artists can then locate and preview the media they need by using the built-in media viewer inside the MediaCentral panel before importing it to create their graphic.

Once they are done, artists can save their work to the shared Avid NEXIS storage which everyone on the system is using. This could be a still image, a Photoshop or After Effects file with layers, or a video, depending on the workflow and the complexity of the graphic required.

Save your content

The progress of the work can also be tracked using the MediaCentral | Collaborate app, available in the panel. Users can order jobs using this tool in the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX or with Media Composer. Graphic artists using After Effects or Adobe Photoshop can receive notifications telling them about the job, including links to the media for them to use. They can then update the status of the job as it progresses to completion and share their finished work with the team.

Integrated MediaCentral - Collaborate app

From integrated work ordering and project tracking to frictionless sharing of media, the new MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro streamlines your graphics workflow.

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