JUNE 7, 2023

Beats on Trips - Making a Beat with Zoo Animals in Berlin

Beats on Trips Berlin 1862x1040

We hear thousands of sounds every day, from cars honking and doorbells ringing, to footsteps, noisy neighbors, and more.

But how many of those everyday sounds are musical? What about birds “singing”—is that musical?

On Beats on Trips, we put this idea to the test by challenging established musicians to make a beat using field recordings they captured on-the-go, out in the world.

But here’s the catch—contestants can only use Pro Tools plugins, they must use their recordings in the beat, and they only have one hour to produce it. Plus, when the timer is up, their beat will judged by a special guest judge (and YOU) to determine if their beat was good enough to win prizes.

In this episode, artist and producer Mo$art joins Avid’s Khash Zarrin in Germany to visit the Berlin Zoo to record sounds for his beat. After that, they head to the studio to meet the judge, GRAMMY®-nominated producer, engineer, and studio owner Axel Reinemer.

Find out what happens.

Hear Mo$art’s Berlin Zoo Beat

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