FEBRUARY 20, 2023

Take the Weather with You


When your overriding mission is to save lives, how does The Weather Channel in the United States use the power of immersive storytelling, collaborative ways of working, and innovative graphics to achieve its goals?

In this episode, Craig is joined by Nora Zimmett, from The Weather Channel, to explore their approach to news and how they are constantly looking to enhance their coverage, both inside the studio and from location.

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Listen to Hear:

  • The role of immersive mixed reality graphics
  • Efficient ways of collaborating across platforms and channels
  • Explaining complex information in new ways to a wide audience

Our Guests This Episode

Nora Zimmett, President of News and Original Series, The Weather Channel Television Network

Nora oversees all aspects of the network’s live and original programming, and its world-renowned storm coverage. She also oversees all weather content for the network's digital platforms. She is responsible for the overall editorial direction of the network and helped lead the channel to its first-ever News and Documentary Emmy Award in 2019.

Nora joined The Weather Channel in September 2014 from CNN where she served as co-creator and executive producer of both New Day Weekend and Smerconish. Prior to joining CNN, she held senior producer and producer roles at Bloomberg Television and Fox News Channel. Nora is an award-winning journalist, and in addition to the 2019 Emmy, she received an Emmy Award at CNN for her work on the 2012 presidential election.

Nora holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.
By showing people what the danger truly is through this immersive mixed reality, we have been told numerous times that we are the ones who came in and convinced people to leave when they needed to.

Nora Zimmett, The Weather Channel.

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