MARCH 6, 2023

The Innovation Station

Making the Media S3E13 guest, Gina McKeon


From TikTok experimentation to working out the best way to take advantage of the latest developments in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, how are broadcasters facing the future?

In this episode, Craig is joined by Gina McKeon, Innovation Editor at the Australian Public Broadcaster, ABC, to discuss their approach.

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Listen to Hear:

  • The ways AI can be used to a journalist’s advantage
  • The value of data in innovation
  • Seeking to surprise audiences with new approaches to storytelling

Our Guest This Episode

Gina McKeon Innovation Editor, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Gina has a wealth of experience working on innovative digital and investigative stories as a producer and journalist for ABC and SBS. She has an extensive track record in high-quality, original digital storytelling and has won numerous awards, including a Webby Award, SXSW Interactive Innovation Award, and multiple Walkley Awards.

There's an essential part of journalism that you can't replace, obviously. It's the analysis, it's the human in the loop, as they're calling it, and the AI and ML engineers totally agree with that.

Gina McKeon, Innovation Editor, ABC.

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