MARCH 14, 2023

Making the Media S3E13: Design and Deliver


How has the technology behind news and sports graphics changed the way in which stories can be told in the studio, and what does that mean for the collaboration between editorial and technical teams?

In this episode, Craig is joined by graphics expert Antonio Tena, from the Spanish company Telemadrid, to discuss the way graphics are used to enable new storytelling techniques.

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  • The importance of collaboration between teams to realize a creative vision
  • The way the World Cup was brought to life in virtual and augmented reality
  • The role of templated graphics to free-up time for the creative team

Our Guest This Episode

Our Guest This Episode
Antonio Tena

Head of Processes and Innovation, Telemadrid

In Telemadrid, Antonio has been the head of the graphics department and is currently the head of processes and innovation.

In the past, he was the head of post production and graphics in Quiero TV and was involved in the launch of CNN+ in Spain, as a graphic designer. In Canal+ he was in charge of the graphic design of several shows like Lo mas + and in TVE he was a graphic designer in iconic shows like Quién sabe dónde.

He also collaborated in the character, 2D, and 3D design and landscape design of several video games by Warner Interactive, Pendulo Studios, and Dynamic Multimedia, and he worked as an animator in several cartoon series for Walt Disney Studios, Hannah Barbera, Warner Studios, Equip Studios, and Cruz Delgado.

In 2011 he was awarded the “Premio Talento” by the Television Science and Arts Academy in Spain.

We need to remember that in news, graphics need serve a purpose, they need to help tell a story. It is kind of a very short film.
Antonio Tena, Telemadrid

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