APRIL 17, 2023

Making the Media S3E15: The “Always On” Newsroom


Communicating constantly. Collaborating collectively across the globe. Delivering 24-hour news in the most cost-effective way possible. And widening the net to recruit a more diverse staff. Just some of the challenges facing one of the best known news brands in the business.

In the latest episode of season three of the podcast, host Craig Wilson discusses all of these issues with Rebecca Moore, director of technical operations with CNN International, based in their London bureau.

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Listen to Hear:

  • How to deal with the cost pressures facing news channels
  • The importance of constant communication within a team
  • The need to further diversify the news and media production industry

Our Guest This Episode

Our Guest This Episode
Rebecca Moore

Rebecca is director of technical operations at CNN International, based at the network’s London bureau. As part of her role, she is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the London and Abu Dhabi control rooms, studios, lighting, and makeup teams. She has been with CNN for over 25 years, and is skilled in the fields of broadcasting, communication, change management, and television. She has a BA in communications and media studies from Birmingham City University.

We have to pay a lot of attention to our budgets and anything we can do that is streamlined, efficient, still keeps the production values high, and still means that we can deliver on deadlines we should be looking at.

Rebecca Moore, CNN International

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    Craig Wilson is a newsroom specialist with over thirty years' experience in broadcast. He has worked on major projects from workflow transformation of national broadcasters to large-scale sport events. Craig has held various roles within Avid and is the global broadcast and media product evangelist.

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