APRIL 28, 2023

Making the Media S3E16: Find Your Mojo


The nature of storytelling is changing, and to fully embrace this change and attract new audiences, broadcasters need to make greater use of mobile journalism to capitalize on their trusted relationship with their viewers.

In the latest episode of season three of the podcast, host Craig Wilson discusses the world of mobile journalism (known as “mojo”) with mobile innovator and pioneer Glen Mulcahy.

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Listen to Hear:

  • The ways in which mobile technology is being used in journalism today
  • The future for mobile journalism
  • The need for broadcasters to capitalize on their trusted relationship with their audiences

Our Guest This Episode

Our Guest This Episode
Glen Mulcahy

Glen is an internationally recognized Irish media trainer and technology innovator who’s best known for his contributions to the field of mobile journalism.

He began his career in media in the mid 1990s, working for the newly launched Irish language TV station TG4. He later joined the Irish national broadcaster, RTÉ, where he worked as a manager in the news technology team before moving to the role of head of innovation.

In 2007, Mulcahy became interested in the potential of smartphones for mobile journalism and he later founded the mobile journalism conference, RTÉ MojoCon. The event quickly became a global gathering of journalists, broadcasters, and technologists interested in exploring the possibilities of mobile journalism.

After leaving RTÉ in 2017, Mulcahy established MojoFest, a technology and innovation festival that brings together experts from various industries to share insights on the latest developments in the field of mobile journalism and professional content creation.

He is regarded as a thought leader and pioneer in the field of mobile innovation and continues to inspire and mentor journalists around the world.

Storytelling is changing. This idea of the ‘lean back’ linear narrative that we're so used to on television—it doesn't really work at all when you move over into the ‘lean forward’ kind of social storytelling space.

Glen Mulcahy, Mobile Journalism Pioneer

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