MAY 12, 2023

Making the Media S3E17: Euro Vision

Making the Media S3E17 Mark Harrison

A major new report has highlighted key areas which need to be addressed in order to ensure that broadcasters take advantage of advances in technology in a rapidly changing media landscape.

In the latest episode, host Craig Wilson speaks with Mark Harrison, the chief executive of the DPP, about their European Leaders Report, compiled after a two-day conference of broadcasters and media vendors in Berlin, Germany.

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Listen to Hear:

  • Why strategy based on cost-cutting alone will not work
  • Cautiousness about the use of artificial intelligence in media
  • The reality of implementing IP in broadcast

Our Guest This Episode

Our Guest This Episode
Dr Mark Harrison

Mark began his career as an historian at Cambridge University before moving into the media industry. He spent many years as a director, producer, and executive producer, and won numerous awards for his filmmaking, including an International EMMY® and a BAFTA nomination.

Mark has held senior roles within the independent production sector and the BBC. He was MD of an independent production company before being appointed to be BBC’s head of arts, and then head of multiplatform production. He was subsequently controller of production for BBC North and leader of the BBC’s End-to-End Digital program, before becoming director of transformation for BBC Design & Engineering.

In 2015, Mark became CEO of the DPP—the media industry’s international business network, which he founded. Today, the DPP has nearly 500 member companies from across the whole media supply chain—from global tech giants to start-ups.

I was really struck by a statement made by one person in the broadcast community, which was that organizational change that comes out of cost saving, almost always, creates the wrong organization..

Mark Harrison, DPP CEO

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