JUNE 26, 2023

Making the Media S3E19: Staffing the Future

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Post production, like many industries, is facing recruitment challenges, and not just at entry levels. There is a recognition that hiring and retaining staff is now tougher than ever post-pandemic, and that greater competition from other content creators is posing challenges to the sector.

In the latest episode, host Craig Wilson speaks to Jai Cave, technical operations director at the UK-based post house ENVY, and Caroline Orme, associate professor at Ravensbourne University in England, about the current situation and the work they are doing to address the challenge.

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Listen to Hear:

  • The lasting impact of the pandemic on recruitment
  • The challenge of recruiting and retaining staff
  • Why students have more choice of careers due to the explosion in content creation

Our Guests This Episode

Jai Cave
ENVY Post Production
Technical Operations Director

Jai has over 17 years of experience in the broadcast industry and holds the position of technical operations director at ENVY. He is involved in all aspects of the business, from client liaison and business development, through to workflow design and project management. He designs and manages operational change throughout the company and researches and implements new technology, from system design through to the implementation of new services. His previously held roles include head of operations, where he managed a multi-level team of 70 through the move to fully file-based acquisition and delivery. More recently he has designed and delivered the company’s new ENVY Remote platform, a full suite of remote editing and collaboration tools available across web and mobile apps.

Caroline Orme
Associate Professor
Ravensbourne University

Caroline is an interdisciplinary artist, international director, editor, and post-production expert, specializing in 3D stereoscopic and color grading. Caroline’s work has featured in 30 film festivals throughout the UK, Europe, and internationally.

Following an MSc in 3D stereoscopic media, her research has been presented at conferences, and her paper, titled Do 3Ds and VR Share the Same Visual Grammar? Was presented at the International Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam.

She also has experience in broadcasting and worked as an audio commentary systems operator at the London Olympics in 2012.

Caroline specializes in teaching asset management (Avid NEXIS), the art of editing, Avid (as an Avid-certified trainer), online (working to a digital production partnership high-definition specification) and color grading (Nucoda).

We've certainly had to work—I would say a lot harder—in the last year than ever before to get the right people in

Jai Cave, technical operations director, ENVY

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    Craig Wilson is a newsroom specialist with over thirty years of experience in the broadcast industry, ranging from workflow transformation of national broadcasters to large-scale sports events. Craig has held various roles with Avid and is now the Global Media & Cloud Product Evangelist.

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