NOVEMBER 13, 2023

Making the Media S4E04: Challenging the Norm

Making the Media S4E04 guest, Hejay Berenji

Overcoming challenges which many companies in the western world would not even contemplate has been a hallmark of the Rudaw Media Network in Kurdistan. But now, twelve years after launch, they are continuing to expand.

In this episode of the Making the Media Podcast, Hejar Berenji, the CTO of the Rudaw Media Network, which is based in Irbil in Iraq, has spoken of how they stayed on air in the face of power cuts, the fight against ISIS, recruiting and training staff to deliver high quality news, and remaining fiercely independent.

Listen to Hear:

  • Overcoming challenges to establish a new media network
  • The realities of operating in a challenging region
  • The rise of AI and doubts about the effectiveness of cloud workflows

Our Guests This Episode

Hejar Berenji Chief Technical Officer at Rudaw Media Network

With over 11 years of experience, Hejar excels in managing technical departments, specializing in broadcast technology, project management, and business development. He is dedicated to enhancing news and media production and delivery while ensuring network security and reliability. And he fosters a creative work environment, empowers his team, and forges strategic partnerships with other media outlets and stakeholders.

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AI is here and we have to adapt to it. We need to know how to use it, and we need to be very, very, very careful in my opinion, so that AI is not used in the wrong way

Hejar Berenji, CTO, Rudaw Media Network 

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