NOVEMBER 24, 2023

Making the Media S4E05: Community Service

Making the Media S4E05 guest, Damian Radcliffe

New approaches to journalism are required to engage with audiences, restore trust, and connect with communities turned off by the traditional news agenda.

In this episode, we explore the view of a US-based journalist and academic who is the co-author of a report calling for the establishment of more community-centered journalism as a way of turning the tide against news avoidance.

Damian Radcliffe was one of the authors of the report, “Redefining News: A Manifesto for Community-Centered Journalism,” which calls for a radical new approach to story creation and agenda setting. It calls for far greater involvement with communities to understand their needs and tell their stories in ways that re-establish the value which journalism can bring.

Listen to Hear:

  • The ethos behind community-centered journalism
  • Why it is key in tackling news avoidance?
  • Can it be made financially viable?
  • The problem of lack of diversity within the news industry

Our Guest This Episode

Damian Radcliffe

Journalist, researcher, and professor based at the University of Oregon with over 25 years of experience in the media industry, Damian has worked in editorial, strategic, research, policy, and teaching roles in the USA, Middle East, and UK.

His work focuses on digital trends, social media, technology, the business of media, and the evolution—and practice—of journalism.

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People are massively fatigued by the sort of doom and gloom, ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ kind of approach that we still see across too much news media. They feel overwhelmed and exhausted by a lot of the kind of negativity of a lot of those stories

Damian Radcliffe, Report Author

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