FEBRUARY 9, 2024

Making the Media S4E08: Distinctly Different

Making the Media S4E08, guest Duncan Hooper

A leading news producer has said that the news industry will need to deliver distinctive, original coverage tailored to the needs of their audiences if they are to combat the potential threat from AI-powered online disinformation.

In this episode of the Making the Media Podcast, Duncan Hooper, who has worked across the media business and is currently head of content for CGTN Europe, highlights his fears, but also outlines strategies for how this could be combatted and where opportunities for growth exist in the news market.

Listen to Hear:

  • Why AI may pose such a threat of spreading misinformation
  • The ways in which newsrooms must highlight their value to their audiences
  • Potential opportunities to reach more people

Our Guest This Episode

Duncan Hooper

Duncan Hooper has worked on a newswire, magazine, newspapers, digital media platform, and at three television channels. His work has been focused on organizing the production, distribution, and monetization of content across digital platforms.

In 2019, he helped launch CGTN's European operations in London and now leads television and digital output as head of content, overseeing social messaging, audio, website, and linear broadcast.

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I have huge concerns about it. It’s worrying to me, as you know, someone who makes their living in this industry. And it's also worrying for me as someone who values the media as important to our society.

Duncan Hooper, CGTN

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