MARCH 15, 2024

Making the Media S4E09: Change is Constant

S4e09 MTM

The one constant in the media business is change, and the approach to change within an organization needs to be systematic, rather than reactive.

In this episode of the Making the Media Podcast, Dina Nimer, head of media operations for Al Arabiya, based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, outlines her approach to working with teams across the editorial and technical parts of the organization.

She discusses the use of AI in the media, championing women, and the challenges of working effectively with multiple sites of operations.

Listen to Hear:

  • The impact effective change management can have in driving results
  • The need to champion women in the media business
  • The challenge of working with multiple studio locations

Our Guests This Episode

Our Guest This Episode
Dina Nimer

Dina is head of media operations for Al Arabiya TV network, based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Since graduating in computer science and mass communication broadcasting, she has worked in various roles at the network since 2005, starting as a researcher then going on to report and produce on key stories in the region.

Following her time on the editorial side, she completed her engineering path MBA which paved the way for her to move into the new roles related to media management and project management before moving into the organization’s international operations and then into her current role working with cross functional teams on media workflows, projects, trainings, and with international suppliers and commercial contracts.

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Change is essential. It's fundamental, and the way I see it moving forward for any company is that change shouldn't be something that we apply every now and then when a new product comes along—actually it should be systematic.

Dina Nimar, Al Arabiya

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