APRIL 22, 2024

Making the Media S4E11: The Innovation Advantage

Chris Bailey

S4E11: The Innovation Advantage

Innovation in the media business is key, but only where it makes business sense and can drive tangible benefits. That’s the advice from the head of innovation of one of the UK’s largest media systems integrators.

In the new episode of the Making the Media Podcast, Chris Bailey, head of innovation at Jigsaw24 Media, tells host Craig Wilson of the importance of staying grounded around new technologies, such as AI, avoiding so-called “hype cycles.”

Listen to Hear:

  • How to manage new technological advances
  • Finding the right use cases for AI
  • Assessing the true cost of implementing new solutions and the benefits they can bring

Our Guests This Episode

Our Guest This Episode
Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey is the head of innovation at Jigsaw24 Media, the UK's leading media solutions provider.

Chris has spent 24 years in the post-production industry, starting as a runner at root6 and working his way through the engineering ranks, providing technical support for editorial, storage, and media management systems. Chris was head of support at root6 for nearly five years, managing the delivery of support for multi-vendor solutions across the post-production and broadcast sectors. In 2017, Jigsaw24 acquired root6 and Chris moved into pre-sales, where he led the team over the next four years as they designed cutting-edge on-prem and cloud-based solutions for future-focused workflows and deployments. With one eye always on emerging technology, Chris then began his current role as head of innovation, where he focuses on developing customers’ future technology roadmaps as well as assessing and aligning Jigsaw24 Media’s current and future solutions portfolio.

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Our customers do want an on-premises AI-based system for speech-to-text, for image recognition, for facial recognition, for tagging, things like that. And it has to be on premises, locked behind the door, and they train their own model.

Chris Bailey, Jigsaw24 Media

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