NOVEMBER 10, 2022

MBOX Studio—More Than Just an I/O

MBox studio hardware system corrected to computer

MBOX Studio is a powerful audio interface, but it also packs a whole lot of other features which truly allow it to be the hub of your desktop studio.

Control room monitoring—MBOX Studio has this handled!

Many of us want the ability to monitor our mixes and content on more than one set of speakers. MBOX Studio allows you to do that plus a whole lot more! Switch between two pairs of analog monitors, or use the ALT outputs for your subwoofer(s). You can even add a 3rd set of digital monitors using the S/PDIF output.

You can have all the controls you would expect in a quality monitoring controller including muting, dim, and mono listen. There’s even an integrated talkback circuit with a built-in mic. You can assign any of these controls to an optional footswitch pedal. To further customize your monitoring workflow you can assign monitor muting functions to the User Action buttons!

Using the Bluetooth output feature, now you can check your mixes on your AirPods, a Sonos system, or in your car, if it’s parked close enough to your studio! Use the free Avid Control app and gain remote access to your Pro Tools session.

The monitor section works standalone, meaning you don’t need to have your computer running to use it and control speaker level and switching. MBOX Studio has a persistent mixer so it will remember the way you set it up when you shut your computer down. Play your guitar through a Kemper connected to the S/PDIF input and jam to tracks on your iPhone streaming into MBOX Studio via Bluetooth without ever launching your Mac or PC.

 MBOX Studio audio interface in personal studio connected to AirPods

ReAmplification – Re-record your direct guitar tracks using a real amp!

There are so many great guitar processing plugins on the market which are absolutely fantastic to use, especially with MBOX Studio’s variable Z inputs. If you’re like me though, sometimes you just want to channel the energy of a tube amp cranked up and mic’d up with an SM-57. MBOX Studio has got your back with an integrated Hi-Z ReAmplification output. It’s as simple as playing your direct recorded guitar track out the Hi-Z to your guitar amplifier and then recording the signal back into the system using one of the mic inputs. We even include a ground lift in the circuit you can use if needed.

And it’s not only for guitar! Try running a drum loop or vocal through your tube amp and see what kind of magic you can create!

MBOX Studio audio interface reamplifying guitar

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