AUGUST 25, 2023

New MediaCentral powers story-centric media production

MediaCentral 2023.7 UI

You said you needed faster, more accurate search options, easier metadata selection, and a mobile app calendar view for your media production workflows. MediaCentral 2023.7 offers all of that and more. With 300+ innovations, MediaCentral is even better, faster, more secure, story-centric, and easier to use with your team. Making you happy makes us happy.

To showcase the key developments, some of the product squad behind MediaCentral, Daliah Naor, Craig Wilson, and Régis André, recently hosted a live demonstration. Save time and access the team’s tips for how to best use the new MediaCentral features. You’ll learn how to access: .

  • Content search within folders and specific locations
  • The Super Pill feature to speed the search for specific metadata
  • Improved display of detailed metadata
  • Expansion in the Rundown app capabilities, with timing functionality and show timing clocks added
  • Calendar view within the Collaborate app on iOS to view assignments and tasks
  • Greater expansion of format and codec support
  • Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication provider

Three of the biggest highlights called out in the demonstration involve a hugely improved search process, mobile use, and timing display. .

Faster, easier search

Simplifying search has been a popular request among MediaCentral users. Now faster search results can be obtained with a new “search in folder” option providing detailed searches within specific locations, and users can search for the same term in multiple fields with the Super Pill. 

“We always try to improve the user experience,” explains Régis André, senior director, Product Management, Creative Products, Storage, Cloud. “Our new capabilities are going to make it faster and easier to really use search.”

Mobile calendar view

One of the most anticipated capabilities is the mobile calendar view in the MediaCentral | Collaborate mobile app on iOS. MediaCentral | Collaborate is the heart of story-centric working, with capabilities to plan, share content, send and receive notifcations and track project progress all built in. With mobile workflows so vital for remote teams, MediaCentral offers the ability to view assignments and tasks in the Collaborate app from anywhere. Assignments for any date can be viewed and even created along with adding teammates to tasks.

“For example, someone could add some video content into a container in MediaCentral | Collaborate,” explains Craig Wilson, product evangelist, Broadcast and Media Enterprise Product Marketing Media and Cloud. “And I could actually look at that on my mobile phone when I'm out on location. I can review it for review and approvals, and I could add more information to it as well.”

View live timing

The timing and display of show timing clocks in the Rundown app in MediaCentral | Cloud UX has been greatly enhanced. In the Rundown app, you can now view live timing information during the on-air broadcast including time to end the show, time to end of the current item, and how much over or under the show is running.

“What's so great about Media Central 2023.7 is that it enables teams to work faster together from anywhere with enhanced newsroom and story-centric capabilities on web mobile, and in applications,” says Daliah Naor, senior manager of Solutions Marketing, Video and Media.

Whether you are an existing or potential MediaCentral user, check out the enhancements and how they, and subscription, can benefit your media production process.

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