JUNE 16, 2023

Avid media production in the cloud innovations

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From the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and third-party creative tools to remote ingest and orchestration capabilities, Avid’s newest solutions maximize collaboration, automate media production workflows on premises, in the cloud and in a hybrid cloud environment, and save valuable time. We are especially excited to share our newest innovations in MediaCentral, the industry’s most complete media workflow platform.

Mighty collaboration tools
The ability to easily collaborate makes the entire workflow more efficient and effective. With that in mind, Avid offers multiple powerful tools and solutions to strengthen teamwork.

Create tasks, track projects, and share content across web, mobile, and craft editing applications with MediaCentral | Collaborate. Your team can work together from anywhere, staying updated regardless of location or time zone. MediaCentral | Collaborate features a wide range of capabilities to bring teams together and enable them to work more efficiently. On the iOS mobile app, many of the same capabilities exist, including updating project status, reviewing video content and in the latest release, there are new ways to add team members and information to tasks. In the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX, and in applications such as Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro, there are new filtering options to find assignments quicker, speeding team members through their work.

Media production and editing
Further boosting collaboration, MediaCentral | Cloud UX enables geographically dispersed teams to connect and work together more easily. Teams can go from simple shot listing to complex craft editing with advanced collaboration tools and search capabilities across systems. It’s not just Avid Media Composer editors who can benefit from these collaborative tools, Adobe Premiere Pro users can now access the power of Avid MediaCentral from within Adobe Premiere Pro using the MediaCentral third-party panel for Creative Tools.

Med Prod in Cloud 02

In our new Projects App for Adobe Premiere Pro users, editors can now simply drag and drop media assets into their bin to continue working via the panel.

For those looking for multiple efficient workflows, Avid offers integrated orchestration capabilities. With MediaCentral | Asset Management users can benefit from a powerful Business Process Modeler to automate time consuming manual processes.

Med Prod in Cloud 01

Securely control more ingest sources from anywhere
To help accelerate content pipelines, Avid debuted Avid | Stream IO, a software-based ingest and playout device, as a tech preview at NAB, and new capabilities in MediaCentral | Acquire, an ingest scheduling application, which launched last December.

Avid | Stream IO is a flexible software-based platform for production ingest and playout delivered through the convenience of subscription on-prem or in the cloud. It brings together traditional SDI feeds, compressed IP Streams and ST2110 Video over IP streams in a single device. Avid | Stream IO delivers multiple channels of ingest and playout for the most commonly-used production formats, easily fitting into news, sports, live entertainment, and media production environments. It will launch later this year.

Med Prod in Cloud 03

MediaCentral | Acquire provides the capability to control multiple ingest devices and channels from within a web browser as an app in MediaCentral | Cloud UX. Using a simple Chrome web browser, ingest operators can schedule media ingest in real time, preview incoming feeds, record and view media while it is being ingested, and securely control multiple ingest sources remotely from anywhere.

This enables you to simplify your feed, IP stream, and video-over-IP ingest requirements from one location. This includes the ability to perform crash recordings, timed recordings, and scheduled recordings from FastServe Ingest, Fastserve I/O, MediaCentral | Stream and, after launch, with Avid | Stream IO. The flexibility MediaCentral | Acquire provides enables you to ingest not only to your MediaCentral | Production Management system, but, in the latest release also into your MediaCentral | Asset Management system, further increasing the value and efficiency of the workflow.

Automate and accelerate production
Artificial intelligence (AI)s built into this next feature with the integration of MediaCentral | Asset Management and Microsoft’s Azure AI service.

Users can automate the process where AI analysis is run on media, providing results such as automatic speech to text transcription, optical character recognition (OCR) where text on the screen is converted into searchable metadata, scene analysis, sentiment analysis, and more.

All of this enables greater discovery of content, helping users find what they need faster, and enriches the metadata associated with valuable media assets.

Integrated storage with Avid NEXIS offers the best performance for media workflows
The foundation of any media production workflow is a high performing media storage system. Avid NEXIS storage is the underpinning infrastructure and storage solution for MediaCentral, delivering high availability, scalability, and performance to meet all production needs. This can boost productivity in the most demanding media environments.

Building on the proven and trusted Avid NEXIS storage platform is our new Avid NEXIS F-Series storage engine, the next gen of storage solutions. Compatible with the Avid NEXIS E-Series and Avid NEXIS | PRO+, the Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD delivers more performance, better connectivity options, and enhanced compatibility. And, it’s available through subscription. Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD is designed to handle high quality media production workflows, including finishing 4K, 8K, and HDR content, color grading, VFX, and animation.

For real-world examples of how these solutions are benefitting some of the biggest brands in the media world, explore the stories below.

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