MARCH 29, 2024

How to Build a Brand as a Producer | Producer Panel

If you’ve ever searched for Pro Tools tips on YouTube, you’ve probably come across the producers on this panel. Their names are Sky Jordxn, Wavy Wayne, Devvon Terrell, and L.Dre, and at the time of writing this, they have a combined following of more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Together, their educational content spans nearly the entire music production process, from making beats and flipping samples to recording vocals and mixing records.

We brought them all together at the legendary Jungle City Studios in New York City to meet in person for the first time and talk about music, producing with Pro Tools, and how each of their backgrounds led them to become the artists and educators they are today.

The Producer Roundtable

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Producer Profiles

Sky Jordxn

Sky Jordxn is an Atlanta-based artist and engineer who’s built his following by showing creators different ways to easily record and mix vocals using pitch correction software like Auto-Tune. He does a lot more than vocals, though—he also makes beats, and even shows his audience how to do it with Pro Tools Sketch.

Wavy Wayne

Wavy Wayne is like the YouTube professor of Pro Tools, and it’s not a surprise considering that he got his start making videos while teaching college students how to produce music. Watch and find out why he fell in love why Pro Tools and how he’s made a career out of sharing his knowledge of it.

Devvon Terrell

Devvon Terrell is an artist and producer who isn’t afraid to show you the best secrets behind his productions. Watch to get his career advice, his reasons for making music with Pro Tools, and his journey as an artist. Additionally, Devvon elaborates on the growth of his podcast, AudioNerds, and he shares insights into how he’s built the brand.


L.Dre is a producer and instrumentalist who gained his following by creating videos about making lo-fi hip-hop beats and trying different and interesting production gear to make beats, like his recent video featuring the Apple Vision Pro. Discover more about him in this interview and find out why he thinks beat-making might change forever in the near future.

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