JULY 26, 2022

Remote Collaboration and Review Now Available with Avid | Edit On Demand

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There are numerous benefits to remote working when it comes to the life of an editor, right? Little or no commute. Flexible hours. Better work-life balance. More opportunities to take on work without the need to move to a new location so you can get to the office every day by 9 am.

But what about when you need, to collaborate in real time? To get feedback. To recreate that experience of sitting in the edit suite with the producer or the director and for them to comment as you are playing the timeline through.

Avid | Edit On Demand – the cloud-hosted post-production solution – already enables remote work, and now delivers new collaboration options, all based around a streaming workflow from Avid Media Composer. Available as a SaaS subscription service, Avid | Edit On Demand, gives creative teams true flexibility.

Enabling remote collaboration and review

One of the biggest requests Avid received from post and broadcast customers was to allow for a more collaborate review process —regardless of anyone’s location—given that many media companies have adopted a permanent approach to the distributed workforce. In response, we’re excited to introduce SRT output in Media Composer, which mimics the over-the-shoulder collaborative workflows that used to happen when teams worked together on site. This new solution enables anyone with appropriate permission to securely review a sequence at high quality in various iterations from anywhere, using any device at any time.

Avid Edit on Demand with OTS

Through the latest Avid | Edit On Demand releases, editors can now initiate an SRT stream of any sequence from their Media Composer timeline and deliver it to others securely—either point-to-point (person-to-person), one stream, or many streams to multiple viewers. Editors have full control over the different quality and security levels within the SRT settings in their software.

For example, an editor working on a sequence who wants to share with one individual can stream the sequence using SRT and send to an SRT-enabled decoder or to a free video player, such as VLC or the Haivision Play Pro app, for viewing on a mobile device, Apple TV, or smart TV with options for iOS and Android.

One key benefit of this approach is the cost savings—you no longer need an encoder to initiate the SRT stream, as it’s all done in Media Composer in the cloud. In fact, you can enable SRT streaming end-to-end with an all-software approach (point-to-point). Or introduce the Haivision SRT Gateway, also running in the cloud, to send one or more streams to multiple collaborators and reviewers. SRT in Media Composer provides great flexibility in over-the-shoulder and review workflows and is designed to maximize efficiency while keeping costs low.

What is SRT and how does it work? Check out this webpage

Check out our “Over-the-Shoulder” demo and webinar presentation with Haivision here. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to extend capabilities in Media Composer, Avid NEXIS, and other Avid creative tools to foster greater teamwork from anywhere, so you can deliver the high-quality content the market craves—faster and more easily.

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