MAY 30, 2024

Sonic Boom - the latest Pro Tools | Sonic Drop

Shot of Sonic Boom Sonic Drop sound pack
This month’s Pro Tools | Sonic Drop comes in the form of Sonic Boom—a collaboration with the highly regarded Boom Library. The Boom Library is an extensive high-end library of sound design, sound effects, and foley that has been used widely in film, TV, and games (including various Star Wars productions, Black Panther, and La La Land to name a few). Within their catalog, Boom Library offer both fully designed sounds as well as construction kits of the more raw recordings which you can use to create your own custom sounds. I opted to use construction kits from four of their libraries for Sonic Boom to have a unique sample pack that is exclusive to Pro Tools users that cannot be found anywhere else.
The construction kits I used were CINEMATIC METAL - TITAN, MAGIC – ARCANE FORCES, MECHANICALS, and MATTER. Often the new sounds were created by layering sounds from separate libraries and as well as a large amount of processing to push these sounds further into another world. You can expect to find massive impacts, screaming risers, dramatic whooshes, mechanical grinds, haunting ambiences, and a number of the drum loops were created from sound effects. The drum loops are unique, hifi, textural, and they certainly standout against an abyss of more traditional drum loops.
Shot of Boom Library CINEMATIC METAL - TITAN
Shot of  Boom Library MAGIC – ARCANE FORCES
Shot of  Boom Library MECHANICALS
Shot of  Boom Library MATTER
I encourage you to check out the Boom Library as their catalog is truly top notch and contains a wealth of inspirational sounds. I’m honored to have been able to collaborate with them on this Sonic Drop and I’m certain you’ll find some sounds in here that’ll blow your mind.

Like all Pro Tools | Sonic Drops, Sonic Boom is FREE with your active Pro Tools annual or monthly subscription or current upgrade plan (for perpetual license holders)—download Sonic Boom from the Sonic Drop tab in Avid Link.
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