JUNE 20, 2024

Synchro Arts RePitch, Revoice Pro, and VocAlign ARA Support

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Synchro Arts vocal production tools are now fully compatible with Pro Tools (version 2024.6 and later) via the ARA plugin extension. This is major news for producers, audio engineers, and hobbyists who use the award-winning Synchro Arts product line to elevate their vocal production capabilities.

By utilizing the power of ARA, VocAlign, RePitch, and Revoice Pro can now communicate with Pro Tools instantly. This means a significant efficiency boost for users who can now stay in their preferred workflow while auditioning tracks and making alignment, tuning, and doubling revisions on the fly.


RePitch allows users to make exceptionally transparent and detailed vocal pitch, timing, or vibrato changes in seconds. Its two tiers, RePitch Elements, and RePitch Standard, give producers and audio engineers the ability to maintain ultimate control over their vocal tuning with advanced pitch-curve shaping technology. Using ARA, RePitch plugins now feature seamless integration with Pro Tools. RePitch Elements will be included free with new licenses of Pro Tools.

To coincide with the launch of Pro Tools ARA support for the full Synchro Arts product line, the entry-level tier of RePitch will now be included with active Pro Tools subscriptions and perpetual upgrade plans. RePitch Elements, the streamlined version of the Synchro Arts award-winning pitch-correction plugin, provides quick and easy vocal tuning. Users who want more features and impressive controls can easily upgrade to the full tier, RePitch Standard.


A powerful and versatile vocal production tool, Revoice Pro is a comprehensive solution for producers and audio engineers looking to align, tune, and double their vocals with professional-level results. A stand-alone software solution, it offers remarkable vocal tuning and pitch correction possibilities, fast and precise vocal stack alignment, and a doubler for huge backing vocals. Using ARA, Revoice Pro now features seamless integration with Pro.


The smarter, better, faster way to align vocal stacks, VocAlign is the vocal alignment tool trusted by pro audio engineers. Its two tiers, VocAlign Standard and VocAlign Pro, offer impressive alignment speed and accuracy. Recent improvements include an enhanced interface and intelligently pitch-corrected backing vocals with SmartPitch. Using ARA, VocAlign plugins now feature seamless integration with Pro Tools.


Although Pro Tools 2024.6 introduces RePitch, Revoice Pro, and VocAlign ARA 2 support for all users, RePitch Elements is only available to Pro Tools customers with active subscriptions and perpetual upgrade plans. You can download the RePitch Elements plugin through Avid Link or find it in your Avid Account.

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