OCTOBER 26, 2023

Taking the Temperature of Media Tech


Media technology companies are increasingly looking beyond their traditional markets for new revenue streams, and the use of artificial intelligence is growing in importance, according to a new report.

In the new episode of the Making the Media Podcast, the IABM’s head of knowledge, Lorenzo Zanni, discusses the findings of their recently released report, The State of Media Tech, published at the IBC Trade Show.

Lorenzo talks in depth about the report, which is published twice a year, assessing the overall health of the industry, incorporating information both from technology vendors and also the wider broadcast industry.

AI has seen a rise in importance in recent years, and Lorenzo says the focus now is moving away from how it has been deployed previously within media organizations. He tells podcast host, Craig Wilson, “I think one of the most interesting things is the fact that from an application perspective, AI in the last, let's say, five years has been mostly applied to, for example, content management and content monetization. What we're seeing now is much more of a focus in less mature segments such as content creation and production, which we think is correlated also with the rise of generative AI, which promises to be more of a relevant tool to these parts of the industry as well.”

The report is wide-ranging, covering topics from total cost of ownership to investment in training, and from the use of the cloud to concerns over security. It also ranks the issues in importance, comparing the results with trends from recent years.

One area which is growing in importance for technology vendors is the opportunity for their technology to be deployed in non-broadcast environments, offering new verticals in which their solutions can be deployed, potentially stimulating new revenue streams.

Lorenzo adds, “A lot of vendors are realizing that they can tap into new industries for new money as well, and they are adapting their technology solutions sometimes to reflect that. So technology I think is becoming more versatile, and so applicable to different use cases and more usable by non-technical staff as well as a result of this trend as well.”

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