MAY 2, 2024

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The majority of European broadcasters want to be “fast followers” when it comes to the adoption of AI technologies in their workflows, but few want to be on the “bleeding edge.”

That’s one of the conclusions of a recent European media summit, which brought together major broadcasters and industry vendors, and is the subject of the latest Making the Media podcast.

The DPP European Broadcaster Summit 2024, in Munich, a two-day conference, brought together over 100 delegates to discuss advances in artificial intelligence (AI), IP infrastructure, and cloud-based media production workflows, among other issues.

And the recently appointed chief executive officer of the DPP, Rowan de Pomerai, has told podcast host Craig Wilson that while AI remains a hot topic in the industry, broadcasters are waiting to see real value in use cases which they can apply to their business.

“The industry specific solutions still are feeling pretty nascent. You know, it's great that we can all use ChatGPT, but those really specialized solutions that target media workflows I think are still very much in their early stages and so a lot of people are taking that sort of watching brief.”

The podcast covers the five main topics which were discussed at the conference and form the basis of the DPP report on the event.

  • Cloud production
  • Hybrid cloud architecture
  • IP infrastructure
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Metadata and asset management

For the transition to IP, Rowan advises companies waiting for a dominant IP standard to emerge to assess the use cases they want to address as a single standard seems unlikely.

He tells host, Craig Wilson, “We did have essentially everything consolidated on an SDI and that just isn't going to be how it is in an IP world. There will, as you say, be SRT and NDI and 2110 and various other flavors and actually they each have different benefits. And for different use cases, it's not the case that one of them is better. You know one of them might be better in a given situation. I certainly see trends in terms of which protocols people use for which use cases. But I think that anybody holding back because they think that eventually one of these formats will win and they don't want to invest before that happens. I would certainly advise them to stop waiting and just choose the right protocol, the right technology for the use case that they have.”

Find out more on the next episode of the Making the Media podcast, available on all major podcast platforms on Friday, May 10.


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