Top 10 Video Collaboration Software and Tools for Creatives

December 19,2023

Video productions rely on the power of collaboration to achieve the quality and turnaround time expected by audiences. The sheer amount of work is impractical for one person, so the need for effective communication tools becomes just as important as the physical filming equipment used to capture footage. Video collaboration software is an ideal all-in-one solution for video professionals who wish to share videos, manage project versions, provide, or respond to feedback, and get approval from the higher-ups.

Video collaboration tools are a significant addition to any office setting. However, the desire for hybrid schedules and remote work has dramatically increased the need for software that merges multiple functions into one hub. Using a mixture of disparate apps is incredibly difficult to coordinate teams that often include hundreds of people. With video collaboration software, professionals on all sides of a project can log in and engage with the entire staff.

What Are Video Collaboration Tools?

Video Collaboration tools are web-enabled software that helps connect everyone on a creative team no matter where they're located in the world. Think of them as a digital office space that provides all the functions needed to conduct business and produce content. The key difference is that instead of physically attending an office building, each team member has flexibility on where they work each day. By logging into a universal program, each team member can communicate with anyone else as if they walked over to their desk in the real world. Collaboration tools make it easy to share documents, review ideas, and apply for approval on project milestones.

The benefits of this software go beyond simply connecting people in different locations. Fully featured video collaboration tools have advanced functionality such as allowing multiple users to edit a video simultaneously. This can greatly enhance efficiency on projects with many small clips to sort through. When video conferencing, time-stamped notes are an organized way to update team members who could not attend the meeting.

Top 10 Video Collaboration Software and Tools

As you research video collaboration tools, you may get overwhelmed by your options. To help save you some time and energy, we've compiled this list of the ten best video collaboration software tools available today.


Evercast has been a popular choice for video professionals due to the ease of use and conferencing functionality that gives apps like Zoom a run for their money.


Evercast boasts 1080p video streaming at a smooth 60 fps. This impressive performance is backed up by an ultra-low latency mode compatible with most webcams. While recording presentations, you can draw on the screen and take more organized notes in a designated section. These comments and notes can then be time-stamped for quick review later.


  • Smooth video performance across a variety of hardware
  • Excellent organization and note-taking tools


  • Does not allow users to transfer large video files


With a monthly $849 subscription you can support most creative endeavors. For massive teams, special pricing packages can be obtained by contacting the company with your inquiry.

Overall, Evercast is an effective tool for stakeholders to stay in direct communication with creatives who are working on projects each day. Although large files cannot be shared on the same platform, the software offers better performance and additional features compared to mainstay chatting apps like Zoom or Skype.


This web platform makes sharing work and acquiring approval from employers quite simple. Many file types are supported, so anyone on the team can upload or review changes posted to the cloud server.


Filestage offers unlimited storage space to support projects of any size. The number of users that can be assigned to each project is also unlimited, and anyone in the group can contact the others with one click.


  • Files can be secured with permission controls that restrict access to sensitive dat
  • Clients can approve changes with one click


  • Real-time collaboration functions are missing


A $49 per month subscription gives your team access to all the core features and allows for up to ten projects simultaneously.

Filestage makes the most sense for teams working on cutting-edge tech or flashy visual assets. When dealing with the inflated file sizes of high-resolution assets, you'll be glad to have Filestage's unlimited storage option.

Avid MediaCentral | Collaborate

Avid MediaCentral offers a story-centric workflow that allows creatives to seamlessly work together from anywhere.


The Collaborate app lets you plan out every detail and topic involved in your production. From there, you can assign tasks to colleagues and keep track of how everything is progressing. Resource management and sharing files are also a breeze with the intuitive interface.


  • Intuitive layout for both desktop and mobile
  • Planning calendar keeps everyone in the loop


MediaCentral is a subscription-based service. To learn more about pricing, reach out to an Avid representative today.

Avid MediaCentral is a fine choice for large teams that wish to keep a strong and cohesive narrative flowing throughout their work. The story-centric focus allows creatives to iron out and organize all the small details that make fictional stories come to life. is a cloud-based application with a strong emphasis on speedy communication and approval processes.


The software allows for extremely fast uploads, which makes it effective for rapidly testing new ideas. There is also a healthy level of integration with other programs, so studios can customize their workflow in a vast number of ways.


  • Upload speeds surpassing 5GB every 3 minutes
  • On-screen notes and time stamps for easy review


  • No option for video meetings or live feedback sessions


Up to two users can use completely for free, and larger teams can pay $15 per additional user after that each month. is a cost-effective choice for smaller teams looking to see what video collaboration software can offer them. However, extremely large teams may wish to avoid this app as the $15 per person can add up quickly.


Wipster is a collaboration tool that gives users ample room to provide and respond to feedback in a timely manner.


Comments can be linked to individual frames for specific feedback suggestions. Each task is assigned a stage that shows how it's progressing. States such as "needs changes" or "approved" instantly alert the team to what tasks need focus each day.


  • Notifications can be linked to other social platforms for efficient alerts
  • Version controls and revision features are simple to master


  • Editing sessions cannot be live streamed


The first two users are free, then a $19.99 fee is charged for each subsequent team member. Enterprise plans can be negotiated by contacting Wipster.

Wipster will appeal to people who enjoy a visually appealing software layout. The aesthetics make the app more engaging overall than many similar collaboration tools.

Vimeo Review

Vimeo started as a simple video hosting site such as YouTube and later developed into a complete collaboration solution.


Vimeo offers precise note-taking features that help creatives and executives communicate quickly. The platform's repurposed video creation tools also allow for many interesting possibilities when sharing work with other team members.


  • Refined video player with superb performance
  • No ads, even on the mobile app


  • Some uploading limitations apply on mobile devices
  • Pricing

    Vimeo offers a free version with limited functionality. Alternatively, teams can pay either $20 or $50 per month depending on how much storage space and added features are needed to support the project.

    Vimeo works well for teams that desire extremely smooth playback of high-resolution video. The platform's origins as a YouTube competitor make it one of the most effective web players around.


    Kultura emphasizes enterprise clients with massive storage options and features that support sizable teams.


    The platform provides video conferencing and live editing functionality for simultaneous users. Kultura also includes special modes for filming podcasts or conducting a digital classroom environment.


    • Supports multiple calls simultaneously
    • Extra modes for podcasting and training material


    • Not cost effective for small studios


    There is a free trial to help introduce you to the software, Afterwards, you can work out a custom pricing plan based on the needs of your enterprise.

    Kultura is ideal for substantial enterprises who wish to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously. The virtual classroom tools make it a suitable choice for remote job training as well.


    Panopto is a simple tool that gives regular people all the tools they need to make and share basic video content.

    Rather than video professionals, this software is intended for different use cases in other industries. For instance, school faculty can create standardized educational clips and quickly distribute them throughout an entire district.


    Streamlined and intuitive controls that allow for standard video recording, sharing, and playback. There are not many additional features, which makes it very straightforward for non-tech-savvy users to get used to.


    • User-friendly interface keeps things simple
    • Video player has a robust set of options


    • Audio quality can get distorted during longer clips


    Panopto starts at $15 a month for the core subscription service.

    Panopto is a painless collaboration solution for organizations that develop video content and share it across a network of individuals.


    Clipchamp is the default video editing tool included with both Windows 10 and 11.


    The tool allows you to edit both photos and videos before uploading them to a variety of sources. There are templates for social media posts, thumbnails, and several common video archetypes. You can create AI-powered video content with a recent update, though the technology still has some improvements to make.


    • Stylish interface and robust music lineup
    • Comes with Windows


    • No option to search for specific effects


    Clipchamp starts off free, with the option to subscribe for $11.99 per month. A Microsoft 365 subscription also gives you access to Clipchamp Essentials.

    Clipchamp is great for anyone on a budget who still wishes to dabble in video collaboration tools for free.


    This cloud-based production suite provides all the tools needed to bring a video from the planning stages to post-production.


    You can storyboard and share concepts to receive approval during pre-production. During production, you can add a collection of stock images, music, and sound effects. In post-production, you can collaborate in real-time on video edits.


    • Flexible pricing tiers for all businesses
    • Support for numerous video templates


    • Connecting a green screen can get a bit messy


    WeVideo offers a completely free version with limited features, all the way up to a $59.99 per month business plan. Teams of any size will find a suitable option here.

    Overall, WeVideo is a versatile choice for teams that anticipate growth in the foreseeable future. Upgrading to a higher tier to support more staff is handled in just a few clicks.


    While the tools mentioned above focus on the creation and collaboration aspects of video production, TubeBuddy addresses another critical component: ensuring your videos are found by your target audience.


    • Keyword Research: TubeBuddy provides keyword research tools to help identify what your audience is searching for, increasing the likelihood of your videos being found.
    • SEO Tools: It offers YouTube SEO Experts (Search Engine Optimization) tools that suggest tags, titles, and descriptions optimized for search engine discovery.
    • Analytics: Detailed analytics give insights into how videos are performing, what's working, and areas for improvement.


    • Enhanced Search Visibility: TubeBuddy's tools are specifically tailored to enhance a video's visibility on YouTube, making it easier for teams to reach their target audience.
    • Time-Saving Templates: Create and use templates for video descriptions, cards, and end screens to save time.
    • A/B Testing: Allows teams to test different titles, thumbnails, and descriptions to see what performs best.


    • Platform-Specific: Its features are primarily designed for YouTube, which may not be as beneficial for teams focusing on other video platforms.
    • Learning Curve: Some features might require a bit of learning to use effectively.


    • TubeBuddy offers a free version with basic features, while more advanced features are available through their Pro, Star, and Legend plans, ranging from $9 to $49 per month.

    Integration with Video Collaboration

    TubeBuddy complements the video production process by ensuring that the final product reaches its intended audience effectively. When used in conjunction with video collaboration tools like Avid Media Composer or, it forms a comprehensive suite of tools covering production, collaboration, and distribution, empowering teams to not only create high-quality content but also to ensure it's seen by the right people.

    What to Consider When Choosing Video Collaboration Software

    When picking a video collaboration tool, always evaluate your needs to narrow down your choices. Here are the most crucial points to consider.

    Streamlined Workflow

    When all the tools your teams need are in one place, efficiency naturally skyrockets. A streamlined workflow allows everyone to get more work done and wait around less. The result is a faster turnaround on assignments and fewer missed deadlines.

    Improved Communication

    Real-time feedback is vital for effective communication. Words are most impactful when the ideas are fresh on everyone's mind. Live collaboration sessions will always surpass checking up on written notes after the fact.

    Accessibility and Flexibility

    With a cloud-based collaboration tool, team members can work from anywhere with an internet connection. This simplifies remote work and provides additional flexibility when planning schedules or vacation time.

    Empowering Creatives with Collaboration Tools

    An empowered group of creatives is capable of making things that are truly impactful to your business. To maximize their output, it is wise to give your team all the tools they need to thrive in the competitive modern landscape. Video editors such as Avid Media Composer pair well with the video collaboration tools listed above. The sooner you place these tools in the hands of your creatives, the sooner they can create something that will truly surprise you.

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