Video Editing Software for Commercials: Top Picks for 2024

January 2,2024 

Commercial advertising is one of the main pillars that can determine the success of a business or project. To create a desired impact on the world, you must convey your message to as many people as possible. Of course, everyone else is also vying for the attention of the masses. To stand out from the crowd, you'll need to create compelling commercial content that encourages people to stop what they are doing and take notice of your work. The right professional video editing software will help make your advertising more effective while streamlining your workflow.

What Is Video Editing Software and Why Is It Important?

Video editing tools are computer programs that allow you to edit and improve previously recorded footage. By modifying clips and adding them together, video editors create an impressive variety of projects. A project can be as long and complex as a feature-length film, or as short and sweet as a 30-second advertisement.

No matter the length of the video, the key is to make it as engaging as possible. Most people know if they'll keep watching an ad within the first 10 seconds. Professional video editing combines a series of creative techniques with powerful software to create something that will hold an audience's interest long enough to get them past that initial ten-second hurdle.

Criteria for Choosing Video Editing Software

Format Compatibility

It's important to choose software that's compatible with the format and resolution of your camera. The best way to check compatibility is to do a quick online search for the specs of your camera. Then, check to ensure the software you're looking at supports both the video format and resolution you wish to film at. Be sure to verify if the software will even work with your setup before installing anything on your workstation.

Integration With Other Tools

The most engaging content will require several programs beyond just a video editor. Tools such as audio or graphic design software can further enhance your commercials. Most video editors have integrations that allow them to communicate directly with other popular programs. Ideally, your video workflow should incorporate apps that all work in tandem with each other. This will make transferring files and assets more straightforward while saving heaps of time.

Hardware Requirements

On its own, video editing can be quite taxing on a computer. Furthermore, you may need to run several creative apps at once while transferring assets between them. A strong gaming PC or dedicated workstation will make most video editing projects more feasible. This means acquiring a rig with a strong processor, potent graphics card, at least 8 GB of RAM, and an SSD with as much storage as possible. Higher specs will future-proof your machine for longer, so spending slightly more will be worth it if you plan to keep making content.

Video Editing Needs for Commercials

To make your commercial appealing, there are several key features to focus on. Since the clips tend to be short, precision and speed are needed to fully convey your message in the limited space you have. However, you must avoid sacrificing quality for the sake of this brevity.

One example of being precise is capturing numerous angles simultaneously with multicam support. Software that facilitates multiple cameras at once will help you achieve the cinematic presentation style modern audiences have come to expect.

Commercials also tend to feature far more text and graphic design assets than a movie or TV show might. Unveiling release dates and conveying sale prices are prime examples of using text during a commercial. The placement of logos and infographics that educate the viewer are examples of the graphic design side of the equation. Your software should excel in this regard while giving you full control over where each overlay element is placed on-screen.

Editing software enables flourishes such as color correction and grading. Altering the colors and lighting of a scene will give it a professional look that separates it from home movie footage. Finally, adding transitions and other special effects can give your commercial yet another layer of cinematic flair.

Budget Considerations

Like many things in life, money must be factored into your editing efforts at some point. When first starting, you may have a limited budget. This can influence or limit the number of choices you have at your disposal. There are indeed several free video editing suites out there, but they are often missing many features or the robust support network enjoyed by well-known applications. That said, a free tool like Davinci Resolve has everything you need to get started. Never let a budget constraint stop you from starting a project.

You can then move on to the paid version of Davinci, or try out another tool to see how they compare. Mac users will enjoy Final Cut Pro, and anyone looking for an impressive set of features will find a lot to like about Avid Media Composer. A wise practice is to check for a free trial period when exploring software options.

Creating Effective Social Media Commercials

Crafting a commercial for social media, and YouTube in particular, demands an acute awareness of the platform's dynamics and audience behaviors. YouTube Marketing Agencies content must be immediately engaging to prevent viewers from skipping ads. This challenge highlights the importance of using proficient video editing software, which can help create compelling, concise, and visually appealing content that resonates with the YouTube audience.

Top Picks for Video Editing Software in 2023

The best video editing software for you will likely come down to your specific use case and the nature of your commercial. By analyzing the user-friendliness, pricing, features, pros, and cons of each of the following applications, you'll find a suitable tool for bringing your project to life

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe scores high when it comes to features and user-friendliness. You'll get everything a pro needs to craft legendary scenes, such as unlimited tracks and robust multicam support. The impressive compatibility with other Adobe Cloud programs makes using it a breeze. If your team already uses other Adobe software, this is a no-brainer. As for pricing, you can start with a weeklong free trial before upgrading to a paid plan starting at $22.99 a month. You can also bundle all Adobe Cloud apps together for $59.99 monthly.


  • Unlimited multicam angles
  • A wide array of tools for all skill levels
  • An organized interface that's easy to learn


  • Does not include sound samples
  • Locks features behind other Adobe programs

Final Cut Pro X

Mac users may have fewer options than on PC, but that does not mean they lack a great editing solution. Final Cut Pro is the most popular choice on Mac devices for good reason and has been used to create numerous Hollywood films and advertisements. It is worth noting that the trackless timeline interface takes some getting used to if you have used traditional software in the past. However, once you grow accustomed to the modernized layout, you will see why many people prefer it due to the accelerated workflows it offers.


  • Incredible file organization tools
  • Robust color correction and support for 360-degree cameras
  • Lightning-fast rendering speed and interface performance


  • Veteran editors have to unlearn muscle memory to deal with the trackless timeline
  • Weak compatibility when exporting or importing files from other sources

DaVinci Resolve

Davinci is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used for more than just bringing commercials to life. The sheer amount of audio mixing and color correction options included out of the box is impressive. This is especially true of the free version of the software, so editors exploring this space for the first time will find a lot to admire here. Should you wish to upgrade to the paid version, you can do so with a one-time fee of $295.


  • Motion graphics and audio editing available to all users
  • A precise interface that gives you a great deal of control
  • Speedy rendering of complex scenes


  • It is incredibly taxing on your system performance
  • The interface has a steep learning curve

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer has been the go-to choice for professional video editors over the years. The expansive list of features ensures that any effect can be created with enough patience and skill. Plus, professional projects tend to require large teams. The collaborative options available in Media Composer make it way easier to uphold the flow of communication throughout production. As more files get added to a project, the enhanced stability of the software will ensure that nothing breaks before a crucial deadline or milestone.

Pricing begins at $23.99 a month for the basic version, and $49.99 a month gets you the ultimate package. You can also get started for free with Media Composer First to see how you enjoy it.


  • Easily meets industry standards of quality
  • Awesome collaboration features that keep communication organized
  • Better audio-mixing than most similar programs


  • Learning all the features and how to navigate the interface takes some time
  • Requires high-performance hardware for optimal use
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HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is another free option that provides a surprising collection of features out of the gate. You get most of the functionality, though a watermark is attached to all of your work until you spend $299 on a full license. Beginners can experiment as long as they like as the demo version does not expire like most trial periods. If you are a professional YouTube Ad Agency like JAS Studios, they also leverage this software to create high quality videos. This gives you the freedom to experiment with new techniques and to get your production just right before spending any money to remove the watermark.


  • Customizable workstations and intelligent search functionality
  • Combine multiple timelines into a cohesive workflow
  • Easy to use and free to get started


  • Has unusually high minimum PC spec requirements
  • Free version offers limited export options

Notable Mentions

You can never have too many tools at your disposal. Here are a couple of honorable mentions that are worth considering if the above software is not speaking to you.


iMovie is completely free on the Apple app store, making it a suitable choice for Mac owners who are new to video editing. The software is just as simple as you've come to expect from other Apple offerings. Admittedly, you will not find a full suite of professional-level features to give your commercial a cinematic touch-up. Instead, use iMovie to create simple ads for smaller operations and local events. With some creativity on your end, iMovie has everything necessary to create commercials with a modest budget and a lot of down-to-earth charm that corporate productions lack.


  • Free to use and excellent interface
  • A wide range of audio options
  • Themes and templates that help you stay consistent
  • Cons

    • Does not have multicam support
    • Limited to two audio tracks

    Adobe After Effects

    Adobe After Effects is one of the most potent ways to add text and motion graphics to your commercial. Videos pop when overlayed with a well-timed piece of visual information. Although this is not technically a video editor, it does feature integrations with many of the editing tools listed above. After Effects also enjoys compatibility with a multitude of other Adobe apps, including Premiere Pro for video editing. There is a free trial period and then the standalone app is $22.99 a month. Additionally, you can subscribe to all Adobe Cloud Software for $59.99 per month.


    • Fully customize special effects and text strings
    • A nice selection of templates to help you get started
    • Many online tutorials and helpful resources online


    • Mostly limited to 2D text and effects
    • Uses a lot of hardware resources

    How to Find the Best Commercial Video Editing Software

    The best video editing software is the tool that fits within your workflow and budget. If your budget is constrained, keep using free trials until you narrow down your favorite choice. There's always an option if you're willing to explore. Should you just want the quickest and easiest way to begin, then we recommend the free trial of Avid Media Composer First to help you get off to a running start on your next advertising campaign.

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