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March 26th, 2024

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With remote editing teams now the norm, providing the right hardware and storage solutions is vital to effective video review and prompt project completion. Choosing a video review solution that fits your needs can be challenging in itself. Aspects to consider include easy accessibility, the ability to accommodate everyone on the team, flexibility to scale use, complete security, and affordability.

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) offers all of these benefits and more. SRT provides remote over-the-shoulder video review and collaboration just like you are in the same editing suite as your teammates.


What is SRT and how does it work?

SRT is an open- source protocol that delivers video across unmanaged networks, securely and reliably, eliminating packet loss and jitter. This software solution can be built into cameras, encoders, and desktop and mobile apps, facilitating delivery from one person to another, one to many, or many to many over the internet.

Haivision created SRT in 2012 and then open-sourced the code a few years later, creating the SRT Alliance. This organization now has over 500 companies participating, enabling you to custom design an over-the-shoulder and review network using free tools like VLC or the Haivision Play Pro app—or incorporate decoders and set-top boxes to unwrap and send video out to a third monitor. This provides a broad set of choices so you can select the SRT-enabled receive points that best meet your operational and economic needs.

To send SRT from an NLE such as Avid Media Composer to many receive points at the same time, you need Haivision SRT Gateway. Gateway replicates the signal coming from Media Composer and also does firewall traversal, eliminating the need to open up UDP ports. Initiating and receiving devices can be put into caller mode while Gateway is in listening mode, an easy and secure way to deliver content.

There are other ways to configure SRT Gateway to enable different modes, workflows, protocols, and bitrates, providing more flexibility. SRT Gateway is offered as a hardware device for deployment on-premises or cloud service on Microsoft Azure. Haivision SRT Gateway, encoders, decoders, and/or set-top boxes can all be added to your workflow through Avid.

Get super-simple setup and streaming

Setting up the SRT stream from within Media Composer is simple. Through the Open IO in the Media Composer timeline, select SRT and then select Configure.


From this panel, select the quality level (low, medium, or high); set a password for password-protected delivery; enter an IP address; enable caller, listener, or rendezvous mode; and enter a port. Then click the SRT icon to turn on SRT in the timeline and start playing your sequence.


To share one-time access to a stream for free with a client, create a QR code here, which can be sent to anyone. Recipients scan the QR code with their mobile devices for direct access to the stream using the free Haivision Play Pro app. Or they can enter the proper IP address and port number provided by the editor or administrator, and the feed will appear in the viewer’s chosen decoder or player. Depending on the viewer’s leverage for access, there are different ways to configure those receive points to view sequences from multiple Media Composer systems.

Regardless of how your company decides to deploy the over-the-shoulder workflow, the variety of options available provide better flexibility, cost effectiveness, and operational efficiency, enabling secure delivery to any device, anywhere, anytime. Something we consistently hear from our customers is a desire to enable greater collaboration and, therefore, shorten the time to market for a show or project. Plus, we understand that you’re also interested in lowering your carbon footprint, and our over-the-shoulder solution is an effective way to cut down on travel while enabling your team to work from anywhere.

Want to learn more?

Check out our over-the-shoulder video review demo and virtual presentation with Haivision here and get more details about this Media Composer | Ultimate and Enterprise feature here. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, as we continue to extend capabilities in Media Composer, Avid NEXIS, and other Avid creative tools. We strive to foster greater teamwork from anywhere, so you can deliver the high-quality content the market craves—faster and more easily.

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