APRIL 15, 2022

See What’s New in MediaCentral 2022.3

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Continuous innovation. Continuous enhancements. Continuous improvements. Avid’s media production solutions deliver more features, more workflows, more efficiencies, and greater flexibility with each release. Let’s check out what is new in the latest update in MediaCentral.


MediaCentral provides the framework for your editorial teams to work, collaborate, share, and publish. With tools for story writing, editing, asset management, logging, archiving, and more, it is the overall solution which ties your workflows together. There is unrivaled integration with tools for ingest, playout, graphics, and storage. MediaCentral is used by tens of thousands of creatives in the world’s leading media organizations, and Avid’s news and media production solution is now taking workflows to the next level.

Expand Your Editing Possibilities and Take Your Collaborative Workflows to the Cloud.


MediaCentral | Collaborate enables teams to plan projects, assign tasks to users, and track their progress from creation to completion. It is available on iOS, in the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX, Media Composer, and Adobe Creative Cloud tools including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.

MediaCentral | Collaborate has a new calendar display to complement the existing list view of everything which is being planned. You can plan items directly in the week view, see what is planned in the future, and easily add unscheduled jobs directly to the calendar.


You can get notification alerts with direct links to the jobs you have been tasked to do, regardless of your location or your application. You can also choose your notification preferences.

On mobile in iOS, you can now playback video linked to any of your assignments, so you have a more complete view of everything related to what you are working on.

Mobileon Mobile


Adobe Premiere Pro editors have already benefitted from access to all of the content shared through MediaCentral, accessed via the MediaCentral panel in the edit client. Fast access to shared content is a critical element of any media production workflow, and in the panel, editors can browse, search, use MediaCentral | Collaborate, access newsroom rundowns, and track processes.

But sometimes editors need to work with local media—something they have imported to their local machine. Previously, this media would only be available to them. Now, with the new option in the MediaCentral in Adobe Premiere Pro, editors can check in and upload those local assets so everyone in the team can benefit. New multi-res workflows are also introduced.

Asset Management


Media is only one part of the workflow. Metadata is vitally important, but if you can’t find what you are looking for quickly when you need it, then everything else is of little consequence.

MediaCentral already has detailed searching tools, including the use of AI, automatic searching every sixty seconds, search favorites—which are for individuals, groups or accessible to all—results previews, and more. You can search against any assets in any of your systems—MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, MediaCentral | Production Management, MediaCentral | Asset Management, and Maestro | News. And if you work with multiple sites, you can search those remote systems too.

Users can now create a grid view for searching, providing an easy way to build detailed, complex searches to pinpoint exactly what they need.

MediaCentral 2022 3 Search enhancements

For users working with MediaCentral | Asset Management, there is the addition of AND or OR when searching masterdata, plus new ways to search and share based on users or using relative dates to search in the future.


Editors working with Avid Media Composer have always benefited from the sharing of in-production media, and now they can streamline their workflow when working with archived assets, too. In the MediaCentral panel in Media Composer, editors can search and browse clips in MediaCentral | Asset Management, preview and choose just what they want, and then restore for further use. Rather than restoring the full clip, you can just bring back the parts you need, saving valuable time in the process.

Asset Management


The list of new features and capabilities does not end there. There are additional security enhancements, support for macOS Monterey for MediaCentral | Production Management, additional audit logging capabilities, better graphics support in MediaCentral | Newsroom Management, new administration capabilities for searching and business process modelling, and more.

The MediaCentral story continues to evolve, delivering for productions and helping users work together like never before.

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