APRIL 17, 2023

What’s New in MediaCentral 2023.3

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Avid MediaCentral is a comprehensive platform for creative collaboration, playing a crucial role in enabling media production teams to deliver high-quality content for a variety of audiences and platforms.

Available through subscription, regular releases enhance the workflows available, delivering more functionality, more creativity, and more time-saving features so stories can be delivered in the most efficient way possible. The MediaCentral 2023.3 release builds on that strong heritage.

Whats New In MediaCentral 20233 clip

You cannot mention MediaCentral without mentioning MediaCentral | Collaborate—the heart of story-centric working for journalistic teams—and it gets a raft of updates to benefit users, regardless of their location. On the iOS mobile app, there are new ways to add team members to tasks and add more information to tasks, while in the web-based MediaCentral | Cloud UX, and in applications such as Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro, there are new filtering options to find your assignments quicker.

Collaborate mobile
The MediaCentral | Collaborate mobile app has a host of new features

Sticking with the journalistic teams, producers working in the Rundown app have more control in the browser with the ability to add timing information directly when viewing a show’s running order and the ability to renumber individual or all the stories in a show.

A key aspect of MediaCentral is openness and the ability to integrate with non-Avid products. Adobe Premiere Pro editors (along with users of After Effects and Photoshop) have been able to take advantage of the great media sharing capabilities in MediaCentral for some time, and there is new functionality in the Third Party Panel for Creative Tools to enhance that integration.

MediaCentral with Adobe 900_457
The Projects app in the third-party panel for Creative Tools in Adobe Premiere Pro

Editors can drag and drop clips from MediaCentral into a bin using the new Projects app in the panel. Workflows such as send to playback to a video server can also be triggered from there, making it faster to get a finished sequence to air.

Remote working continues to be a major theme within the media industry and the ingest scheduling app MediaCentral | Acquire lets ingest operators work securely from anywhere through a browser. They can now ingest directly to MediaCentral | Asset Management in addition to MediaCentral | Production Management.

Returning to the theme of efficiency, there are enhancements to saved layouts and favorite folders in MediaCentral to help users speed more efficiently through their work and get to where they need to be quicker than before. A host of other usability features have also been added to workflows when logging and adding markers.

Security is a key aspect of all of Avid’s work, so with that in mind, there are updates to support clients working on Windows 11. Also, the underlying operating system for MediaCentral moves to Ubuntu from this release onwards.

A product is the sum of its parts, rather than simply about one big feature or any one release. MediaCentral continues to add more capabilities to its portfolio to power the production teams of today and tomorrow.

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