APRIL 11, 2023

Works with Avid On Demand Expands Cloud Workflows

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Building on the popularity of Avid | Edit On Demand, Avid has developed an exciting new program unique to the market. It expands cloud workflows allowing users to take on more work and build their businesses.

Avid | Edit On Demand was launched in September 2019 during IBC and has been available for early access since then. Over the last 3 years it quickly gained popularity among media companies that were experimenting with cloud technology as it allowed them to transition into production swiftly and ensured business continuity along the way. Avid | Edit On Demand was subsequently fully launched in 2021 as a SaaS offering, making off-line editorial in the cloud a reality and has supported a range of production use cases including film editing, documentaries, news, reality television, telenovelas, and more. The benefits of using Avid | Edit On Demand are numerous, including:

  • Auto-provisioning that doesn't require any cloud expertise
  • Elasticity that enables users to add storage and seats effortlessly
  • Access to an expanded talent pool that allows editors from anywhere to work on a project
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing that ensures you only pay for what you use
  • Easy termination of the service once the work is done


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Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as users have expressed that Avid | Edit On Demand feels like they are working on-premises. In fact, the experience of a cloud-deployed solution has opened the eyes of many in media and entertainment and the attention has turned to a world of possibilities that Avid | Edit On Demand can provide operationally and economically. To that end, a major request from users is the ability to incorporate third-party tools in Avid | Edit On Demand to expand workflow possibilities beyond offline editorial. With this in mind, Avid is proud to announce the Works with Avid On Demand program.

The Works With Avid On Demand program works closely with the third-party vendor to test and certify that their solution can be deployed in an Avid-hosted Edit On Demand environment. The platform already includes the industry-leading Avid | Media Composer and Avid NEXIS cloud storage that has been fine-tuned specifically for high performance, collaborative post-production workflows. Users leverage their existing license as permitted by their license agreement with the relevant third-party vendor to deploy a growing list of tested and approved third-party tools that broaden what is possible in Avid | Edit On Demand. Users can simply order the Avid | Edit On Demand service, specify the third-party tools that are on the tested list to be used in their desired workflow, and they are then able to start working. This provides flexibility allowing users to leverage Avid | Edit On Demand for remote live production, sports and news workflows, enhanced post and reality TV workflows, Over-the-shoulder collaboration, and more.

The initial set of companies that are part of the launch of the Works With Avid On Demand program include well-known providers like EVS, StorageDNA, Signiant, Marquis, Haivision, Sony, First Mile Technology, Boris Effects, HP, Aspera, Microsoft, and Adobe. The ability to extend Avid | Edit On Demand supports any production, rental house, or post facility enabling:

  • Adding lens-to-first-edit workflows with EVS and Signiant or File Catalyst, Sony and Marquis, Haivision and First Mile Tech to enable editors to start cutting faster
  • Users can also sync Avid | Cloud NEXIS systems running as part of an EOD instance with an on premises Avid NEXIS located anywhere leveraging StorageDNA Fabric which also runs with Avid | Edit On Demand providing a simple yet powerful way to sync multiple NEXIS systems regardless of where they are located
  • Users can also deploy Adobe Premiere Pro as part of their Edit On Demand service supporting mixed environments

This is a major development for Avid | Edit On Demand users who have experienced the power, flexibility, scalability, and elasticity of Avid’s Edit On Demand SaaS production in the cloud and now can expand workflows and take on more opportunities. Users are now not only dreaming of what is possible but can actually deploy a greater set of tools in the cloud to maximize earning potential, efficiency, and deliver content faster than previously possible. The constraints are disappearing, and what’s possible is expanding as more partners become tested and available.

To learn more visit Avid | Edit On Demand.

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    Ray Thompson is the Senior Director for Avid Alliance & Partner programs. Ray worked for companies delivering solutions to the media and entertainment industry for 30 years. Ray has held many roles at Avid including Product Marketing and now owns the Partner & Alliance Program.

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