MARCH 9, 2023

Avid takes new post-production solutions on the road


Hundreds of post-production editors and producers have been turning out for Avid’s World Vision Tour. Since July, 2022, Avid has been on the road showcasing its newest, most innovative post-production tools in 20 cities worldwide. The stars of the tour are the unique Avid | Edit On Demand, Avid NEXIS | EDGE, and over-the-shoulder SRT workflows, as well as Media Composer, Pro Tools and Avid NEXIS F-Series.

“It’s hard for people to believe that they can use Edit On Demand or NEXIS | EDGE on their laptops with just an internet connection and that they can collaborate with people around the world,” says Angel Ylisastigui, Avid’s Director, Field Marketing, Americas.

When we sit in front of people and show them what they can do with a laptop they are blown away.

Angel Ylisastigui, Avid Director, Field Marketing, Americas


This is the first time since the COVID-19 shutdown that Avid has been able to meet with customers in person. Avid leaders have been excited to demonstrate the major innovation that took place during the pandemic to meet the changing needs of remote and distributed editors and producers.

“We really wanted to take all the development over the past couple of years while everyone was hiding away in their homes because of COVID and bring these solutions in front of our customers so they could see how they work in person,” Ylisastigui explains.

The tour has given people ideas for how they can have a more productive, less expensive workflow.

Angel Ylisastigui, Avid Director, Field Marketing, Americas

The tour’s biggest wow factors
Reaction in every city, regardless of country, has been consistent. Participants have been impressed by this highlight: that every solution Avid featured and demonstrated during the tour can be done remotely on a laptop. All you need is an internet connection. In fact, purchases have been made on the spot during the tour including a significant deal in Canada. “People ask, ‘How do I make this work for me?’” Ylisastigui remarks. “All you need is a good internet connection with low latency that allows you to connect with your team and you can do all these great things.”

The most popular new post-production solutions featured during the tour were virtual editing, remote collaboration, and over-the-shoulder workflows.

  • Virtual editing: Avid experts demonstrated how easy it is to connect and edit from any location using Avid | Edit On Demand. The fully cloud-hosted post-production solution for remote working runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud and provides ultimate flexibility. Systems with Avid Media Composer craft editors and Avid NEXIS shared storage running in the cloud can be automatically deployed and spun up and down as needed. Editors access their Media Composers in the cloud using PC over IP (PCoIP) technology so no need for a high powered or expensive machine, just an internet connection. Run your PCoIP client on a laptop, Mac, PC or through a Zero client. It is Media Composer and Avid NEXIS shared storage with the familiar workflows of project sharing and bin locking. Avid | Edit On Demand is a SaaS solution, available by subscription, with no cloud expertise needed.

  • “Nobody else offers something like this. Only Avid,” Ylisastigui comments

  • Remote collaboration: Tour participants were highly interested in Avid NEXIS | EDGE, which enables remote access to media on a physical on-premises Avid NEXIS shared storage engine. The storage is not running in the cloud but is located at your facility. Avid NEXIS | EDGE enables editors using Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro to work from anywhere with the same media access, workflow, and user experience as if editing in a facility. Innovative relinking technology enables instantly switching from working on proxy to high-res media—or vice-versa—with a simple selection so you can easily move from editing to finishing and review and go from working at the facility to working at home without hassle. Avid NEXIS | EDGE also has a web client, so team members can find, organize, storyboard, edit, and review content at the facility, at home, or on location, extending the limits of what’s possible.

  • Over-the-shoulder workflows: The ability to review media among team members in different locations as if they were on-prem has been of huge interest during Avid’s tour. One of the biggest requests Avid received from post and broadcast customers was to allow for a more collaborative review process —regardless of anyone’s location—given that many media companies have adopted a permanent approach to the distributed workforce. In response, Avid introduced SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) output in Media Composer, which mimics the over-the-shoulder collaborative workflows just like working together on site. Anyone with appropriate permission can securely review a sequence at high quality in various iterations using any device anywhere, anytime. Editors can initiate an SRT stream of any sequence from their Media Composer timeline and deliver it to others securely—either point-to-point (person-to-person), one stream, or many streams to multiple viewers. Editors have full control over quality and security levels within the SRT settings in their software.

“This is another great feature to expand remote collaboration, to be able to see what everyone’s working on, and to facilitate teamwork,” Ylisastigui says.

What’s next
The World Vision Tour continues with the following dates:

  • Mesa, AZ, Arizona State University, March 17
  • New York City with Microsoft, March 21
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 22

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If you missed the World Vision Tour or it wasn’t in your city, no worries. Avid is considering a post-NAB audio and video tour. Stay tuned.

You, too, can benefit from virtual editing, remote storage, and over-the-shoulder workflows.

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