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From concert halls to classrooms, more composers, arrangers, and educators rely on Sibelius to write, share, and publish music. Sibelius powers today’s professional music industry with sophisticated features like AI-powered accelerators, advanced options for markup and layout, Cloud Publishing, and the ability to work across any device. With Sibelius, you can create and collaborate with musicians around the world and be confident that your work translates into something you can be proud of.

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Perpetual licenses are also available for Sibelius Artist and Sibelius Ultimate.

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Sibelius Anywhere

Sibelius brings professional music notation to iPad and iPhone, putting the workflows used by countless composers, orchestrators, and arrangers at your fingertips. Seamlessly move between iPad, iPhone, and desktop, and from studio to coffeeshop to scoring stage, and write anywhere inspiration strikes.

Sibelius for Education

We believe every student should be equipped with the best tools. That’s why Sibelius Ultimate is available at a discount to all students, teachers, and schools wishing to teach and learn Sibelius. Sibelius allows educators and administrators to license easily to multiple accounts across a network to keep the focus on learning, not installation management. Sibelius also includes easy ways to make learning fun with 1700 worksheets, 2000 snippets of music, and Classroom Control.
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What’s New

Sibelius 2024.3 releases breakthroughs in MIDI workflows between Sibelius and Pro Tools, allowing you to copy and paste MIDI between the applications. This groundbreaking feature streamlines music production, making it an industry first.
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The Keypad continues to evolve to be resizable and display custom articulations. Also introducing Sibelius Connect, a brand new way to automate workflows and enable apps to remotely control Sibelius.
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This is the fifth feature release in the last 12 months. See everything that’s new in Sibelius >

Collaborate, share, and transform

View, share, publish, and collaborate around the world or across the room with Cloud Publishing, allowing you to work without missing a beat
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With Sibelius you can

    • Quick note entry

      Enter notes from the onscreen notation Keypad, a MIDI keyboard, your computer keyboard, or using an Apple Pencil or tablet stylus

    • Chord Symbol entry, assisted by AI

      Allows you to quickly embellish your music, saving you time in the composition process

    • Magnetic Layout and Auto Optimize

      Avoid collisions and overlaps in your score with a layout that auto adjusts to the needs of your score so you don’t have to spend time formatting

    • Panorama view

      Allows you to write without the constraints of the score layout

    • Sound library support

      Use your preferred third-party libraries alongside 24GB of factory content with VST and AU plugin support for ultra-realistic playback

    • Collaborate, share, and transform

      View, share, publish, and collaborate around the world or across the room with Cloud Sharing

    • Intelligent MIDI Import

      As MIDI tracks are added to your score template, Sibelius will automatically assign instruments in your score

    • Mark up your score

      Add chord symbols, guitar tab, guitar chord diagrams, expression text, articulations, lyrics, titles, graphics, and more to give your music the detail, depth, and dynamism it deserves

    • Dynamic Parts

      Gives you individual parts for players and updates automatically with changes you make in the score, so you don’t have to extract parts individually or search through scores

    • Built for scale

      Unlimited staves and deep customization options allow for arrangements and ensembles of any size with Sibelius Ultimate

    • Score Subsets

      Helps you make custom arrangements from sketch staves and create rehearsal scores quickly

    • With Cloud Publishing

      You can share drafts for feedback and collaboration, then publish your final arrangements

    • Flexible licensing

      Choose a Network licensing for on-prem computers, and a Team licensing to allow licenses to be distributed to your teachers and students to use Sibelius on their own devices

    • Sibelius across devices

      Use Sibelius across all your devices: mobile, tablet, Chromebook, and Desktop (Mac and Windows)

    • Curriculum: Conquered

      The Worksheet Creator provides over 1,700 worksheets, projects, exercises, songs, and other teaching resources

    • Kickstart ideas

      The ideas panel with 2,000 snippets of music to help students search for something to kickstart their creative process

    • Create online interactive content

      With Cloud Sharing, where you can embed worksheets and assignments in your lesson plans and students can submit their work

    • Command the classroom

      Manage the classroom from your own workstation with Classroom Control. Access files on networked devices, send or retrieve materials from your students, and even “freeze” Sibelius on your students’ devices. (Requires network multi-seat license. Learn more)


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