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Start composing music with free music notation software and get many of the same tools the pros use. Sibelius | First* is a new streamlined version of Sibelius that makes it easy for beginners and hobbyists to create simple, professional-looking scores.

Sibelius offers music notation software for everyone

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Just starting out?

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Compose simple scores with up to 4 instrument parts with the free Sibelius | First.

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Compose rich scores with up to 16 instrument parts with Sibelius.

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Create scores with unlimited parts and custom layouts with Sibelius | Ultimate.

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Start composing

Whether you’re new to music notation or composing for fun, Sibelius | First guides you through the entire score creation process. Sharpen and elevate your music writing skills. Create beautifully rendered sheet music. And get your compositions heard by sharing your scores.

See what’s included

Creating sheet music in Sibelius First free music notation software
Editing score on laptop with free music notation software

Use the tools of top composers

Sibelius | First offers many of the same unique tools and features award-winning composers use to create your favorite film and television scores, musical works, and sheet music. All for free. And all built on the same engine as the world’s best-selling music notation software.

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Collaborate with others

With Sibelius | Cloud Sharing, you can share compositions online for easy collaboration and review. Invite others to view, play, and add comments to your score. Any Sibelius user can edit scores too. It’s ideal for reviewing work in the studio, the classroom, or on a sound stage.

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Collaboration example in Sibelius First free music notation software
Arranger on desktop using Sibelius First free music notation software

Take your score writing further

Professional composers and arrangers have made Sibelius the #1 notation software worldwide. With Sibelius | First, you can learn the tools, develop the chops, and open the door to a career in music scoring and performance. All it takes is a free download and a spark of inspiration.

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* Please note that the previous “paid” version of Sibelius | First has been renamed as Sibelius, and that the former Sibelius has been renamed Sibelius | Ultimate. Find out why.


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