Sibelius | Cloud Sharing and Publishing

Piano and guitar player using Sibelius music scoring software

Share and publish interactive scores with free music scoring software

Imagine being able to present scores online where anyone, anywhere, can view, play, transpose, and provide feedback on your compositions—or even purchase the sheet music. That’s the beauty of Sibelius | Cloud Sharing and Sibelius | Cloud Publishing. Here’s a look at the two.

Sibelius | Cloud Sharing

Preview and play scores—anywhere, on any device

Sibelius | Cloud Sharing makes it easy to share scores in the cloud and invite others to view, hear, and review your work. You can share scores privately with anyone or post your work on your website and on social media for the world to hear. All you need is Sibelius | First free music scoring software and an Internet connection.

See what you can do

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Share scores with a click

Ready to share your work? Simply click the Share button in Sibelius to send your score to the cloud and generate a unique URL that links to it, which you can then share with others or embed in a webpage. Any changes you make to the score can also be pushed online to share. Change your mind? Just click Stop Sharing to disable the link.

See and hear it in action

Once you’ve shared your score—either as a direct link, on a webpage, or through social media—viewers can then interact with your music in a variety of ways. Test-drive it out for yourself using the example. Click play to take a listen. Drag the timeline indicator to jump to another part of the score. Though disabled in this small sampling, Sibelius | Cloud Sharing will enable you to flip through pages and make comments directly on the score too.

Cloud Plans
Expand your space with Avid Premium Cloud Plans

All versions of Sibelius enable you to share scores in the cloud. Share up to 10 with Sibelius | First, up to 20 with Sibelius, and an unlimited number—up to 1 GB of cloud storage—with Sibelius | Ultimate. Want to share more? Expand your storage with an Avid Premium Cloud Plan.

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Sibelius | Cloud Publishing

Enhance the online music shopping experience

For music publishers, Sibelius | Cloud Publishing enables your customers to preview any sheet music for sale, with the ability to transpose and/or change instruments. Ready to make your music store the best customer experience it can be? Contact us with questions or inquire about a Sibelius | Cloud Publishing evaluation.

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