Licensing and All-Access Plans


Get more affordable choices to access Sibelius | Ultimate. Choose a low-cost subscription. Purchase and own the software outright (perpetual license). Crossgrade from Finale, Notion, Encore, or Mosaic at a special discount. Or maximize your composition capabilities with new Sibelius | Ultimate + Ultimate Bundles at great savings.

In addition, all Sibelius | Ultimate options now come with an Avid All Access plan (see below), giving you access to all future releases and support for the duration of your plan. Please note that all Sibelius | Ultimate updates and upgrades will now only be available through an All Access plan*. This enables you to get access to more frequent streams of new features instead of waiting for a major release.

Compare owning vs. subscribing to Sibelius | Ultimate

All Access plans—Get upgrades and support included

Whether you subscribe, upgrade, crossgrade, or buy the software or a bundle, your Sibelius | Ultimate experience comes with an All Access plan. This plan gives you access to all new Sibelius | Ultimate releases for the duration of your annual plan or subscription. If you purchase a Sibelius | Ultimate upgrade, or a new or crossgrade perpetual license, the first year of your plan is included (renewable annually for just $89/year).

And if you need any help, your All Access plan includes the following:

 Avid Support for Sibelius | Ultimate
 Billing and administration cases Unlimited; response time within the next business day
 Software updates and upgrades Included; available upon release 
 Troubleshooting—online support Troubleshooting—online support 
 Troubleshooting—phone One phone call per month 

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