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What is licensing and what do I need?

There are two types of licensing to suit your style of teaching and learning. Whether you prefer a traditional classroom, a flipped classroom, or you work remotely on iPads, there’s a system designed for you.


Teams licensing for facilities

A Teams license is designed for a hybrid learning environment where students and staff use their own devices for homework and classwork. Team licenses let you deploy and manage licenses for users across devices rather than buying a fixed number of seats.

Administrators can set up users using a name and email address and assign a product license. Each user will get an invitation to create a MyAvid account and redeem their Sibelius Ultimate license on any of their devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, phones or Chromebook.

This can also be done with a CSV upload within the admin console. Once assigned, licenses can be unassigned and reassigned as classes change and students enroll and graduate.

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On-prem for Network servers

Using a centralized Network License Server application on a school server, administrators can activate licenses on any number of computers connected to your facility’s network on site.

This allows network administrators one license on a centralized server to deploy across an entire network. With this option, Classroom Control features are included allowing teachers to manage and interact with students’ files and assignments directly.

For schools needing Sibelius on their Windows and Mac computers, this is the type of licensing we recommend.

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What license is right for me?

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