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When it comes to creating memorable content faster, you need high-impact workflows with collaboration capabilities that incorporate the expertise of your entire production team. Avid offers the most comprehensive and fully scalable, end-to-end media workflow solutions that enable government agencies and public institutions to connect, collaborate, and create content quickly and easily.


Avid offers a wide variety of end-to-end solutions for media teams to enable collaboration from anywhere, simplify workflow logistics, and maximize efficiency. These solutions minimize the time, cost, and stress of competing in today's demanding media production.

Accelerate workflows

Reduce costs

Enhance business agility

  • Quickly create, collaborate, manage, and distribute a wider range of content for viewing on air, on websites, in mobile apps, and across social media channels
  • Get the remote access, tools, and capabilities journalists and producers need to ingest media; create, view, and edit stories; browse rundowns; and distribute content efficiently
  • Get the modularity and flexibility you need to customize a solution for your unique needs and workflows
  • Accelerate and extend your reach with tools that provide better insight into your media and business, so you can capitalize on new opportunities


Our platforms serve as the dynamic nerve center of story creation, management, and distribution.

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Audio Software

Music production software for aspiring artists and professionals

  • Pro Tools
    Pro Tools

    Compose, record, edit, and mix music and audio with industry-standard software

Control Surfaces

Recording, editing, and mixing solutions for hands-on control of audio and video software and systems

  • Avid S3
    Avid S3

    Take deep control of multiple DAWs with a compact 16-fader control surface

  • Avid S6
    Avid S6

    Get advanced mixing workflows and the tightest Pro Tools integration with a modular control surface

Media & Workflow Management

Extend the power of the proven, collaborative production tools the media and entertainment industry relies on daily

  • MediaCentral

    Accelerate news, sports, post and live productions with the most comprehensive media workflow platform


Industry-proven shared and nearline storage systems for audio and video workflows

  • Avid Nexis
    Avid Nexis

    Get real-time media production and collaboration with workflow-optimized tiered storage

Video Editing

Professional video editing software and hardware

  • Media Composer
    Media Composer

    Create better stories faster with video editing and finishing software for independent editors and moviemakers




Avid's preferred cloud-hosting platform is Microsoft Azure.

  • Microsoft is the world’s top cloud computing vendor with unrivaled global reach and proven security
  • Avid is the preferred platform for comprehensive media workflows
  • Together, we bring game-changing innovation to the industry

Avid chose Microsoft as a strategic cloud partner because we have very similar philosophies about the role cloud will play in media and entertainment. Also, Microsoft Azure perfectly complements our unique cloud offerings as well as our customers’ current needs and preferences.

Avid MediaCentral platform

  • Open media workflow platform
  • End-to-end workflows
  • Complete deployment flexibility
  • Cloud Alliance partners
  • Software-defined, tiered storage
  • Singular focus on media and entertainment

Microsoft Azure

  • Open cloud platform & strong partnerships
  • Global scale
  • High-level services
  • Unique hybrid cloud strategy
  • Most trusted and secure cloud
  • Dedicated team for media and entertainment


See who our partners are

    • Bluefish Logo STANDARD


      IngeSTore with the DNxHD license is Bluefish444's multi-channel ingest tool for Windows enabling the capture of up to 4 independent HD/SD-SDI sources simultaneously to Avid MXF Op-Atom Media. Bluefish444 is an Avid certified hardware partner for Media Composer

    • Burst


      Fans, reporters, celebrities, athletes, editors & citizen reporters: create, curate & distribute mobile video

    • FileCatalyst_Logo


      FileCatalyst’s suite of client and server applications enable point to point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbp

    • Glookast Logo

      GLOOKAST Gloobox

      Multi-res baseband and file-based ingesting to multiple destinations and Interplay | Production, MAM and MediaCentral

    • Glookast Logo

      GLOOKAST Glooport

      File ingest, parking, retrieving, transforming and outgest of media and metadata across all your platforms

    • latakoo

      GLOOKAST Glooport

      Enterprise video transfer solution to send high quality video securely from any Internet connection

    • Maketvlogo

      Make.TV Acquire

      Acquire and manage live streams, upload videos for delivery, and communicate directly with live program contributors via chat or intercom

    • Marquis

      Marquis Project Parking

      The preferred choice for Avid NEXIS analysis, optimization and management, now managing over 60 Petabytes worldwide

    • Marquis

      Marquis Workspace Tools

      Project aware disaster recovery and business continuity for Avid storage

    • MOG_whitebackground

      MOG - mxfSPEEDRAIL Central Ingest

      A simple and intuitive central ingest system that covers all production steps from ingest to delivery

    • NLT

      NLTek Archive

      Archive / Restore content to / from LTO or Sony ODA right in MediaCentral | UX

    • NLT

      NLTek Nearchive

      Move content between high performance storage and nearline storage right in MediaCentral UX

    • ROOT6

      ROOT6 ContentAgent

      A Central hub to manage and automate all aspects of file-based workflow from ingest to delivery

    • sgl

      SGL Flashnet

      Flexible scalability for archive needs regardless of size and archival medium (disk, LTO, ODA, Cloud, or a combination)

    • Spectra

      Spectra Logic BlackPearl

      Fully integrated archive managmenet and archival storage hardware libraries

    • StorageDNA

      StorageDNA DNAevolution

      Workflow centric LTO/LTFS backup and archive capabilities

    • StorageDNA

      StorageDNA DNASync

      Synchronize separate storage configurations over WAN to provide expanded access in multiple locations

    • Atto Logo


      The latest, high-performance storage and network connectivity products for Thunderbolt

    • xnews

      Save time and improve quality with a cloud-based, story-centric research tool


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