Get SpectraLayers Pro 4 and speed-up your mastering workflow

SpectraLayers Pro 4 is a unique layer-based spectral editor, that allows you to edit, extract, restore and design the smallest of details across all frequencies, and is used by audio producers around the world.

With its high performance audio engine and seamless integration with Pro Tools, SpectraLayers Pro 4 AudioSuite plug-in gives you the power to easily shuttle your clip from your Pro Tools session into the SpectraLayers Pro 4 application to uniquely manipulate or repair sound without the need to manually import/export the clip.

Looking to expedite your mastering workflow while maintaining that professional sound? Features such as “Lock to Frequency” and its seamless multi-project management are what you need to get the job done.

Want to edit a certain group of frequencies individually? SpectraLayers Pro 4 has the answer with the ability to group layers for mixing, making it a breeze to hone in on just the right spot you’re looking to manipulate.

With SpectraLayers Pro 4, you have maximum control of the entire audio spectrum. Use precise tools such as overtone, frequency, or magic wand in creative ways to either achieve the perfect sound or repair the most problematic sound. And with comprehensive personalization, you can create the preferences that are just right for and you and your workflow.

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Artist Reviews

I love using SpectraLayers Pro to help create Sounds that appear to spring naturally from another dimension. I can deconstruct and reconstruct familiar as well as unidentifiable sounds into shadows or translucent projections with its unique tools and structure.

Dane A Davis, President of Danetracks, Oscar winner for The Matrix

The ability to interact with audio on such a new and graphical interface opens up incredible potential for both restoration and sound design.

Tim Nielsen, Sound Designer at Skywalker Sound

SpectraLayers Pro provides a unique toolset for visualizing and manipulating sounds the way we actually perceive them. No other application on the market can match its potential for true creativity.

Johan Althoff, Lead Sound Designer, Starbreeze Studios

We had the pleasure of working with British composer HarryGregson-Williams on the score for Total Recall. During the programming and sound design sessions, SpectraLayers became an indispensable tool for manipulating audio in ways no other software we've come across can come close to. We had enormous fun extracting layers of sound from organic recordings and layering them up to form otherworldly futuristic textures for the score.

Michael Truman, Composer, Hybrid

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