Avid Support Code: Sibelius for Individuals


Get on-demand English phone support for Avid Sibelius (single incident)

This Avid Support Code (ASC) gives you single-incident access to Avid Sibelius & Sibelius | Ultimate telephone support in English. Your unique ASC will be sent to you by email after purchase. You will be able to download full details of the telephone numbers and how to use the telephone support service from the order confirmation page.

When you need technical assistance, the expert Avid support team will get you up and running quickly. This Avid Support Code (ASC) gives you single-incident access to Avid Sibelius & Sibelius | Ultimate telephone support in English. This code is for individual owners of Sibelius & Sibelius | Ultimate only, not institutions or commercial enterprises. You will receive the telephone access number and your ASC code upon checkout.

Note to Sibelius | First users: Avid technical support is available for customers with paid subscription and perpetual licenses. Legacy Sibelius | First perpetual license owners running Sibelius | First 2018.1 and earlier are eligible to receive telephone support via Avid Support Code. Users running free versions of Sibelius | First 2018.4 or newer are welcome to use the self-help support assistance, outlined below.

Please consider using our no-cost self-help support assistance available on www.avid.com/learn-and-support and our community forums where you can exchange ideas and information with other customers.

Technical support is only for technical problems with Avid products. Due to the high volume of calls and Avid's commitment to helping users as quickly as possible, we are unable to provide in-depth tutorial advice. We do not offer technical support for products that are not manufactured or distributed by Avid. Please contact the manufacturer for technical support for other products.


  • Available in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan
  • Regional telephone access points in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain
  • Avid Support Codes are valid for one call within 60 days from date of purchase

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