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Learn to record and mix like a pro

If you are a looking to create great-sounding music for fun, or wanting to learn more powerful mixing techniques, or wanting to expand your recording chops, Secrets of the Pros’ video training will teach you expert techniques for recording and mixing your music that you can use in any home or studio project. These low-priced subscriptions include all recording & mixing training offered by Secrets of the Pros, and all the new training that comes out during your subscription period.

Secrets of the Pros spent years putting together an incredible series of videos that speed you through the most basic concepts, to an in-depth knowledge of how the best producers and engineers craft the songs you love. Recording and mixing is very complicated, but this series will make it easy. We’ll also take you into a pro studio with world-class players, and then show you how to do all of this in any home or studio project. Now you can subscribe and stream our training at a very affordable price.


  • Learn to record and mix like an expert
  • Endorsed by a long list of Pros and beginners
  • Subscribe & Stream at an incredibly low price
  • Improve your mixing skills with dozens of classic & modern techniques
  • We cover almost every aspect of setting up, recording, mixing, MIDI, and more
  • Applies to all styles of music, and all versions of Pro Tools
  • Learn techniques commonly used by a long list of the best in the audio industry
  • Over 35 series with well over 200 easy to follow videos
  • Your instructors are highly experienced and have worked with a long list of top acts in every genre of music

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