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For over 25 years, Avid has empowered next-gen creators and media arts educators through its Avid Learning Partner programs. Today it is the leading certification program in music and media arts education in the world.

Join our vibrant learning community to connect you and your students to fellow creatives and media professionals locally and around the world.


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Enable Avid Certified Instructors to certify students with industry-standard credentials
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Level up with industry-standard hardware to build student skills in real-world production environments
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Unlock your students’ creative potential while preparing them for jobs using the industry’s leading tools. Students, teachers, and member institutions get special pricing and access to Avid software, while certifications develop their skills and help them stand out.
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Media Composer is the leading editing software in television, film, and broadcast news—and Avid editors are in high demand. Empower your students as visual storytellers with best-in-class editing features, the most efficient color grading, plus industry-standard project and media management. Give your students a competitive edge with Media Composer skills and certification.

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Get everything your students need to make beats, write songs, record vocals and instruments, and mix studio-quality music that’s ready to be heard across the world’s most popular streaming platforms. Or, open the door to the endlessly creative world of audio post and sound design for picture. Avid Learning’s full lineup of Pro Tools courses and certification makes it easy to unlock your students’ creativity with the power of Pro Tools.

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From concert halls to classrooms, more composers, arrangers, and educators use Sibelius than any other music notation software. Sibelius’ built-in Worksheet Creator and Classroom Control features—combined with Avid Learning structured certification courses offer the ultimate solution for teaching music notation.

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From intimate jam sessions to legendary stadium performances, Avid VENUE | S6L is the platform of choice for live sound today, thanks to its flexibility, ease of use, and unparalleled sound quality. Avid Learning offers a full curriculum to teach students to work with the full range of control surfaces, engines, and I/O racks, preparing them to meet the demands of any gig.

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