The ACA structure provides a framework to solve the most important industry issues

Purpose of the ACA

  • Facilitate exchange of information, ideas, experiences and industry challenges so as to address the most pressing industry issues.
  • Provide ongoing dialogue in a structured manner between Avid and its community of users, partners, and customers so as to improve communication and prioritization of industry topics for discussion.
  • Incorporate feedback from the entire ACA and be a voice for concerns and challenges.
  • Work in cooperation with Avid in accomplishing the ACA annual gathering (Connect) of all ACA members, Advisory Councils and Executive Board of Directors.

ACA structure

The Executive Board of Directors is charged with oversight of the ACA community. As the Avid ACA continues to grow and develop, it’s Executive Board is frequently reviewing and discussing how the ACA can be structured to be even more successful, how the dialog can be expanded, and how the Leadership can be aligned to best collaborate with Avid and its partners.

To address the communities needs and move forward together, the current structure was designed to provide a framework to solve the most important industry issues. This includes four Advisory Groups: Strategy & Future Direction, Products Services & Technology Innovation, Global Partner Ecosystem, and Community Engagement and Advocacy, which encompass fourteen committees in focused areas to dive deeper into important issues and opportunities.

Over 200 industry professionals serve in leadership roles on the Board and committees. These are industry professionals and visionaries who represent the greater Avid community and are dedicated to providing impactful feedback.

Executive Board of Directors

Bobbi Banks, ACE 
Job Ter Burg, ACE
Debbie Cavalier, Berklee Online
Steve Cohen, ACE
Monica Daniel, Warner Bros. Television 
Shannon Baker Davis, ACE 

Peter Ehlert, ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions GmbH
Mohamad Fares, Qatar Television
Richard M. Friedel, Fox Television Stations, Co-chair
Rob Goldheim, Discovery Communication
Kari Grubin, Senior Media & Entertainment Executive
Darryl Jefferson, NBC Sports & Olympics
Eric Johnson, Trailblazer Studios

Helen Killeen, ITV Studios
Marcy Lefkovitz, Disney | ABC TV
Darren Long, Sky, Co-chair
Mischke, Songwriter, Producer & Vocal Producer
Marcos Obadia, Univision Communications
Paulo Rabllo, Rede Globo de Televisão
Paul Rubell, ACE
Borika Vucinic, Bell Media Network
Jonathan Wales, Warner Bros. Studios
Meri Weingarten, USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA)

Advisory groups & committees

Strategy & Future Direction

An invite-only group of executives focused on providing insights on new growth areas, forward-leaning technology, opportunities for disruption, transformative developments and how our industry is collaborating and adapting for the future.


Future Technology Strategy

Mission Statement:

The Future Technology Strategy Advisory Committee is made up of ACA leaders who are at the cutting edge of technology innovation for the media industry—they are often the most accomplished and respected tech leaders working at our customer and partner organizations. This group is squarely focused on anticipating future technology trends and innovations that will benefit the media industry and the ACA community, and making recommendations about integrating new and evolving technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, artificial reality, and more onto the MediaCentral platform, the foundation of Avid’s technology strategy. This group will also feed into, share insights, and collaborate with each of the Products, Solutions, and Technology advisory groups.

Current Leadership:

Scott Beckett,
Erik Breiter, CBS
Stuart Bullard, Muse School
Paul Clennell, dock10
James Copland, HBO
Hugues Dalton, HBO
Gustav Edling, SVT
Galal El Hakeem, HI-Media Pro's
Barbara Ford Grant, HBO
Ibrahim Hamid, Al Jazeera
Rajasekharan Harikrishnan, Viacom18


Ramy Katrib, DigitalFilm Tree
Guillaume Lemoine, TF1
Brian Leonard, IMG Media
Jon Mauldin, Fotokem
Delbert Parks, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Tobias Schwahn, ZDF
Jeff Sengpiehl, KeyCode Media
Dave Siegler, Cox Media Group
Anders Vallin, SVT
Meri Weingarten, USC Cinematic Arts
Barry Zegel, CBS Televison Network

Current State of the Industry & Future Disruption

Mission Statement:

The Current State & Future Disruption Advisory Committee is a small, select team of the most visionary strategic leaders within our customer and partner organizations. This group is focused on seeking and envisioning opportunities for business disruption to help the entire ACA community reap all he rewards and recognition that their hard work and efforts deserve. The group’s focus includes strategizing promising new media business models, new channels for revenue generation, new ways of improving productivity and profitability, and more.

Current Leadership:

Bill Admans, Netflix
Maureen Droney, The Recording Academy
Miljenko Logozar, Al Jazeera Network
Bruce McCormack, CBC
Matteo Sangalli, SkyTV
Mark Senior, dock10Limited
Paul Stechly, Applied Electronics

Products, Services & Technology Innovation

Relevant products, services, technology, digital interactions (webstore, artist community, marketplace, app store, content marketing place). Goal is to ensure workflows have the right support from a product and platform perspective.


Newsroom & News Production

Mission Statement:

The Newsroom & News Production Advisory Committee is for news operations and production professionals working in local and regional news bureaus, enterprise-level news networks and everything in between. This group addresses the current and future operational and economic challenges faced by all news organizations. Issues covered include the disruption newsrooms are facing as a result of mobile and multi-platform viewership, consumer demand for constant 24/7 content, management of user-generated content for use in news stories, management of incoming bonded cellular IP contribution feeds, the challenge of getting news that’s breaking all the time and faster than ever to air and digital channels quickly, the shift of advertiser investment from traditional broadcast and cable to mobile platforms, and trends in leveraging data for a more personal viewing experience.

Current Leadership:

Colin Büchtmann, NDR/ARD-Aktuell
Roger Crothers, BBC Wales
Mohamad Fares, Qatar Television
Nuno Freitas, CIS Group
Tim Guilder, ITV
Hamada Hanoura, PBS NewsHour
Melissa Hunsicker Walburn, For Hays State University
Terry Heifetz, Ball State University

Juha Huusko, YLE
Andy King, BBC
Robert Lang, Reuters
Kevin McCue, Sky
Roxane Niezabytowski, Syracuse University
Don Roberts, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Scott Stewardson, CBC 

TV & Film Production

Mission Statement:

The TV & Film Production Advisory Committee is for video editors, production, and post-production professionals who create content for television, movies, and commercials. The constant pressure to create larger quantities high-quality content at a faster pace is an ongoing struggle for these professionals, and it’s affecting the entire workflow. While Media Composer is a key aspect of television and film production, this group focuses on giving Avid input about the full range of current and future video post-production workflow needs, such as meeting he technical demands of working in SD, HD, Ultra HD, 2K, 4K and 8K; local and remote collaboration in editing; integrating creative tools like visual effects and color grading, and more into the workflow; media management and storage; and the need to disseminate media across different kinds of devices and digital platforms.

Current Leadership:

Dominic Bassett, Ravensburn
Prabhu Bma, Real Image Media Technologies
Joseph Bond IV, BnB Films Inc
Travis Boyer, NFL Films
Lewis Brown, Atmos
Jeff Brugger, Turner Studios
Jai Cave, Envy Post Production
Steve Cohen, Motion Picture Editor
Neil Coleman, 3 Ball Entertainment
Simone Corelli, Postineurope, GTCS, AIFM & AES
Terence Curren, Alpha Dogs, Inc.
Daniel Gaucher, Emerson College
Agustin Goya, SVC (Digimedia Pro)
Adrian Klymenko, Seneca College
Dan Leonard, Chapman University

Hillary Lewis, Live Nation Entertainment
Bryan Magnum, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Bridget Murnane, California State University, Los Angeles
Gregg O'Bradovich, GFA
Rich Oldfield, Ignition Creative
Robert Racine, Loyola University
Jeffrey Ross, NBC Universal
Daniel Sassen, Envy Post Production
Matthew Schneider, Technicolor PostWorks New York
Bronwyn Shields, Sony
Jeff Stepakoff, Columbia University School of the Arts
Beth Sweeney, UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television
Peter Vaughan, Columbia University School of the Arts
Scott Votaw, Atmos

Video Editing

Mission Statement:

The Video Editing Advisory Committee is for video editors who rely on Media Composer to create content and want to be part of providing direct feedback about and offering future product roadmap input for Media Composer. This group will also identify and create new resources and tools to help experienced users get the most out of Media Composer and new users become more familiar with the its full range of power and functionality.

Current Leadership:

Terra Abroms, BeBop Technology
Mary Albrecht, AMC Networks
Steve Audette, FRONTLINE
Chris Bove, WNED TV,
Janaki Cedanna, Arizona State University
Mia Cortez, Studio in the Sky Productions
Monica Daniel, Legendary Entertainment
Geoff Jones, ATTO Technology, Inc.
Dennis Keeling, Columbia College
Hillary Lewis, Texas Crew Productions
Oliver Peters, Oliver Peters Post Production Services, LLC
Randall Rike, Discovery Studios West
Rachel Schreibman, Feature Films
Chris Seeger, NBCUniversal LLC

Music Creation & Audio Production

Mission Statement:

The Music Creation & Audio Post-Production Advisory Committee is for musicians, engineers, mixers, sound editors and producers creating music and audio content in professional studios, at home on their laptops, or even on their phones. This group will focus on what it will take to stay ahead in the music and audio industries, and the implications for current and future audio production priorities.

Current Leadership:

Jonathan Abrams, Nutmeg Post
Mischke Butler, mischkemusic inc.
Danny Caccavo, Skywalker Sound
Michael Carrera, Berklee
Richard Chycki, Arjag Creative
Frank Cook, American River College
Charles Deenan, Source Sound Inc
Simon Franglen, Class1 Media
Nick Fry, The Farm Post Production
Phil Fuller, PostWorks NY
Gregg Gasperino, WNYC

Thileepan Kumarasamy, Sakthimicro System
Dave Lawrence, Digital Brain
Russell Long, Lipscomb University
Jane McKeever,, California State University, Los Angeles
John Rodd, Scoring Mixer / music engineer
Glenn Rosenstein, Glenn Rosenstein Productions
Ceri Thomas, Twenty Four Seven Sound
Tom Thomas, MetroStudios
Ryan Ulyate, Producter / Engineer / Mixer
Samuel L. Walton, Walton Academy/MATI

Sports Production

Mission Statement:

The Sports Production Advisory Committee is for anyone in the business of sports broadcasting, from those working for national leagues or individual teams to those at local, regional, or national broadcast networks. This group provides insight and guidance about how Avid can better support sports broadcasters. It addresses priorities like: keeping up with fans’ increasing content demands; generating revenue to offset escalating production costs; capturing audience attention and loyalty across all platforms, whether in-venue, on-air, or online; exciting fans’ viewing experience with enhancements like 2D and 3D graphics, and high-quality slow motion replays; high-speed, real-time media management and storage; and streamlining workflows for remote content production and editing.

Current Leadership:

Nevil Appleton, Moov
Daragh Bass, NEP
Mike Bilbow, University of Georgia
Elton Carneiro, FileCatalyst
Weston Carter, Auburn Athletics Department
Marcel Cherubin, Yepco
Frank Choquard, Managing Director
Stephen Herbster, Carolina Panthers
Mike Martin, Anthony James Partners
Anton Maximovsky, Motion Path
Don Piper, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Dejan Vujovic, RTCG – Montenegro Radio and Television
Tom Williams, Sky

Enterprise Media Management

Mission Statement:

The Enterprise Media Management Advisory Committee is for leaders in enterprise media organizations such as national and multi-national broadcast or cable networks, or digital content distributors. This group provides insight and guidance about how Avid can meet the current and future needs of those responsible for efficiently managing the vast and ever-increasing amounts of content being created in their organizations. It addresses enterprise media management priorities like: streamlining media lifecycle management from acquisition to final delivery; opening new revenue streams and offsetting production costs by repurposing existing content; streamlining media management and storage for faster content creation and repurposing; achieving cost-effective global production with remote workflows and collaboration; meeting consumer demands for ubiquitous and always-available content by delivering across traditional, online, mobile, and social channels.

Current Leadership:

Kojo Acquaah, Ignition
Shanir Camacho, Univision
Brett Chambers, Amber Technology
Rob Christiansen, NYPR
Brian Drown, Keep Me Posted
Stacey Georgiou, NBC Universal
Matthew Green, NBC Universal
Dustin Guest, Golf Channel
Piyush Gupta, Network 18
Legrand Hunsaker, LDS

Darryl Jefferson, NBC Sports Group
Larry Klein, NBC Universal
Robert Lawson, CBS News
Pierre Maillat, CANAL+
James Miles, NBC Universal
Heather Palmer, CBC
James Popowytsch, AMC
Colin Stoltz, Jasco
Chris Strobel, Northern Kentucky University

Live Sound

Mission Statement:

The Live Sound Advisory Committee is for live sound engineers who need to create the ultimate audio experience, recording and mixing in venues from huge arenas to more intimate auditoriums, and everything in between. This group provides an important forum to work with Avid to address the changing requirements of state-of-the art live sound. It addresses issues in helping to stand apart from competitors, like saving money and maintaining the value of equipment investments; keeping pace with live events by ensuring flexibility of channels, inputs, and automation; having the ability to scale processing power up or down for any job requirement; recording and archiving shows and events as they’re being mixed; and much more.

Studio Production

Mission Statement:

The Studio Production Advisory Committee is for those focused on driving higher engagement, deliver personalized viewing experience at high quality to more outlets and more devices to maximize value of assets. This includes CTOs, chief branding officers, consumer experience directors, creative directors, implementation directors, studio producers, content directors and more. The group is dedicated to having a collaborative dialog on how Avid can help improve the viewer experience through technology products and services.

Global Partner Ecosystem

With the growth of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, more and more members of our industry are enjoying the efficiencies and benefits of a single platform with the ability to interconnect various technologies and services. These groups are leaning hard into how we can all be successful on the platform.


Channel Partners

Mission Statement:

The Channel Partners Advisory Committee is for members of Avid’s channel partner community, e.g., organizations who serve our community of media enterprises, post-production facilities, studios, and individual customers by providing the products and solutions that meet their needs. This group will collaborate with the Avid channel partner team, providing their perspectives and input into Avid’s go-to-market strategy, partner programs, customer needs and more. The group will also provide feedback to Avid about how we can better support and work with our resellers, who provide a vital link between Avid and our end customers.

Current Leadership:

Steve Angel, HHB Communications
Ian Ash, T2 Computing, Inc.
Russ Belttary, RSPE Audio and Video Solutions
Dave Berlin, Video Corporation of America
Gary Bettan, Broadfield Distributing Inc
Rich Bettan, Broadfield Distributing Inc
Kristian Rose Bøeck, In-Site TV
Mike Cavanagh, Key Code Media
Kerry Corlett, Annex Pro
Lucio Fogler, Avid Italy

Bill Hite, Marshall Graphics Systems
Prasanna Anjaneya Kunapareddy, Qube Cinema Technologies Pvt Ltd
Doug Lady, Hal Leonard Corp.
Charlie McCormick, T2 Computing, Inc.
Sandy Nasseri, MelroseMAC
Jeff Radke, Sweetwater Sound, Inc.
Guilherme Silva, GLOOKAST
Matt Silva, CIS Group
Rupert Watson, ROOT6 Limited

Alliance Partners

Mission Statement:

The Alliance Partners Advisory Committee is for leaders representing organizations whose products and solutions interoperate with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. The members of this group help determine the future direction of the Alliance partner program, including issues around partner product certification on the platform, the Avid Connectivity Toolkit, and access to the Avid sales network as a channel to promote the sale of partner products and solutions.

Current Leadership:

Paul Adrian, Latakoo
Sam Bogoch, axle
Aurélien Brelle, Woody-Technologies
Doug Hynes, StorageDNA
Jade Kurian, Latakoo
Barbara Marshall, HP
Jim McKain, NLTek
Andreas Pongratz,
Harel Ram, XTRMX
Michelle Reinhardt, Latakoo
Chris Steele, Marquis Broadcast
Hossein ZiaShakeri, Spectra Logic

Development Partners

Mission Statement:

The Development Partners Advisory Committee is for leaders representing the many organizations that develop applications, plugins, and other technology to enhance and extend the Avid MediaCentral Platform. This group provides critical input that will help drive the future vision of the Avid Connectivity Program, including APIs, developer toolkits, documentation, and sample code. The group will also provide important feedback, insights, and ideas about how Avid and our partners can better collaborate to enhance partner training, welcome more partners to the Avid community, and help our development partners build a thriving, profitable business through their partnerships with Avid.

Current Leadership:

Neil Attard, Marquis Broadcast
Roman Cherednyk, GlobalLogic
Scott Drake, NBCU
Simon Fearn, Marquis Broadcast
Oran Gilad, XTRMX
Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Fortium
Tim Graves, Burst
Marcus Hume-Humphreys, Root6
Doug Hynes, StorageDNA
Osuke Kubo, Sony

John O’Shaughnessy, dock10
Joe Pelayo, Latakoo
Rui Pereira, MOG
Nick Ridly, Root6
Felipe Santos, GLOOKAST
Ross Shain, Boris FX / Imagineer Systems
Guilherme Silva, GLOOKAST
Matija Tonejc, Make.TV Inc.
Owen Walker, Root6
Samer Youness, Alkass

Community Engagement & Advocacy

The ACA is an ever-expanding and highly respected voice in our industry. This group is dedicated to working to develop strategies that focus on expanding and growing the community, addressing communications, and supporting what is important to the Avid community.


Community Engagement

Mission Statement:

The Community Engagement Advisory Committee is a critical part of the ACA’s efforts to advocate for all individuals, creative teams, and media organizations throughout the industry. We believe that Avid, our customers, and our partners will all succeed greatly when as many people as possible throughout the industry come together through the ACA. Therefore, we aim to support the ACA in becoming an independent, self-growing and thriving community. We will focus on the growth of ACA membership, fostering active participation among members, facilitating consistent and effective communication, and strengthening the ACA’s connections and relationships with the industry as a whole.

Current Leadership:

Jamie Beedy, bdPost
Neal Coffey, Syracuse University
Ameera Hill, University of Salford
Sara Hills, Claremont High School
Dennis Lisonbee, Utah Valley University
Paolo Tortiglione, Milan's Conservatory of Music