Special, limited-time offer for Maestro | Powerwall

Maestro | PowerWall is an innovative studio display control and management solution. It easily enables you to control and manage real-time 3D graphics, live and recorded video, augmented reality content, visual effects, images, and live data feeds simultaneously across multiple high-resolution studio displays—regardless of resolution, size, and aspect ratio—as well as within your studio space. All from a single touchscreen interface.

Maestro | PowerWall integrates seamlessly with your existing control room workflows. It works with a variety of newsroom systems (including MediaCentral | Newsroom Management and other NRCS), production vision mixers, and routers, minimizing workflow complexity while boosting efficiency. And it works with any type of studio display, including LED, LCD, plasma, rear projection, and projector, making it an easy and cost-effective addition to any broadcast environment.

For a limited time, we are offering the basic Maestro | PowerWall solution at a super competitive price.

This limited-time, special offer includes...

Maestro | PowerWall (4 outputs)
  • Maestro | PowerWall Software
  • Maestro | Web Layout Configurator
  • HDVG+
  • 1-year ExpertPlus HW support