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Pro Tools is well known for its strength in film post-production and music production, but many people do not realize that it is the main audio tool for many professionals in the ‘Game Audio’ business as well.  That fact, along with the ‘Gaming’ business being one of the fastest growing market segments within the digital media industry, means achieving Game Audio credentials opens many exciting career potential.  

The Avid Certified User for Pro Tools | Game Audio is designed for musicians, sound editors, multimedia producers and anyone wishing to become involved in sound for games and interactive media.  Achieving ‘Game Audio’ certification status validates an individual’s understanding of game audio workflow and their understanding of the concepts involved in creating and implementing game audio using Pro Tools systems.  It also demonstrates they have core skills, such as adding sound effects, working with background sounds and dialog, as well as creating an interactive music score.

To be able to achieve Avid Certified User for Pro Tools | Game Audio certification candidates attend both the Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) and Pro Tools for Game Audio (PT130) courses before sitting and passing the Pro Tools for Game Audio certification exam.



An Avid Certified User credential allows you to:

  • Demonstrate your fundamental competency in using Pro Tools to develop game audio
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors and make your résumé stand out
  • Leverage the power of the Avid brand by using your entitlement of Avid Certified User logo on your digital correspondence and business cards
  • Confirm your credentials on Avid's Find a Certified Professional online listing and with a Certificate of Achievement print or email your certificate to prospective employers

As an employer, use the Avid Certified credential as a benchmark so you can:

  • Find the right person for the job
  • Quickly assess student skill level
  • Invest in and promote your most promising employees


What are the prerequisites?

The Avid Certified User for Pro Tools | Game Audio certification exam is based on the skills and competencies taught in the following courses:

Prior to attending these courses candidates should have a working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh or operating systems. They should also have basic audio recording and DAW knowledge, such as a familiarity with microphones, understanding of basic audio and MIDI recording techniques, knowledge of basic multi-track mixing concepts (such as setting levels and panning), and familiarity with digital audio equipment such as MIDI controllers and audio interfaces.

Where can I take the training and exam?

The Pro Tools Fundamentals I (PT101) and Pro Tools for Game Audio (PT130) course and the supporting certification exam are offered worldwide at Avid Learning Partner schools and training centers. Find a Certified Professional.

How much does certification cost?

Course fees are set independently by Avid Learning Partners. Students are required to purchase a course book, which includes the cost of the course exam, and a single retake, if required. Additional retakes are chargeable.

What is the format of the exam?

The exam is comprised of 50 questions with 60 minutes allotted to complete.

Test items are presented in the following formats:

  • Multiple Choice: Select the single option that best answers the question
  • Illustration Review: Refer to the illustration (e.g. Media Composer interface) prior to answering the multiple choice question
  • Illustration Response: Select the single image that best answers the question

What happens if I take the exam and do not pass?

Exam results are shown immediately when an exam is completed and submitted for evaluation. Unless a candidate is banned from retaking the exams for reasons of fraud or rule violations, the following retake policy applies:

  • If a student does not pass an exam, the candidate may retake the exam after 24 hours have passed
  • Once a student has passed an exam, it may not be taken again for that version of the Avid product

Can I refer to study materials during the exam?

No. Students are not allowed to reference any documentation or study materials during the exam.

What will I receive if I successfully pass the exam?

Along with pride and confidence of becoming a part of an elite group of Pro Tools for Game Audio Media users, you will receive:

  • Official certificate available for printing or download, proving your Avid Certified User status
  • Downloadable Logos, for use in your resume, business marketing materials such as business cards and websites
  • (Optional with your express consent) Listing of your credentials on Avid.com under Find a Certified Professional
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