NewBlue Essentials 3 Ultimate - Video Plugin - Avid

Delivers a go-to toolkit for everyday post-production needs with over 275 presets in 24 plugins

Discover lifesaving tools like Stabilizer, Noise Reducer, Lens Corrector and Flash Remover, or image enhancers, such as Skin Touch Up and Detail Enhancer. Essentials offers a tool for every task.

Choose from presets that stabilize shaky footage and warn you when your video is out of spec. Also, optimize footage, remove flashes, and enhance details.

System Requirement
Windows 8 and later
Mac OS 10.9.x and later
Pro Tools
Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 10.x, and later
Max Sample Rate
96 kHz
Copy Protection
Serial Numbers


  • Stabilizer

    Smooth out jittery camera movement and choose from an assortment of presets to let Stabilizer analyze your footage by focusing on an image’s center to keep a flying object steady, or emphasizing edges to allow your subject to move—This plugin works great even without a consistent point to track

  • Image cropping

  • Image detail enhancement

  • Graphics and text smoothing

  • Gamma correction controls

  • Lens distortion correction

  • Image noise reduction

  • Widescreen format adjuster

  • Blurred pixelation via color mask

  • Defocus masking tools

  • Color contrast enhancer

  • Detail enhancement by color

  • Detail enhancement by luminance

  • Camera flash remover

  • Video signal legalizer

  • Skin touch up

    Soften wrinkles, remove blemishes, and create a skin tone mask that follows your subject, yet retains detail in the eyes, teeth and hair—It's simple to retouch an individual or remove imperfections across a large group of people

  • Video aspect cropping tools

  • Area obscuration and pixelation

  • Professional composition guidelines

  • Limit scope readings to distinct areas

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