SpeedLooks Studio LINEAR - Video Coloring Plugin - Avid

Simple and easy way to create beautiful filmic looks using a single LUT

Designed for quick color correction and no hassle color grading, SpeedLooks Studio works with all rec.709 and DSLR footage. This is the perfect plugin for sports, news, commercials, corporate, wedding and music videos.

System Requirement
Mac OS 10.10.x and later
Media Composer
Media Composer7.x and later
Windows 7 and later


  • Instant 35mm film personality with a single click

  • Works in real time with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, FCPX and more

  • Includes all looks from the previous SpeedLooks releases

  • Designed for increased productivity by streamlining color grading workflow

  • Quickly preview various SpeedLooks to find the perfect look for your project

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