Avid Maestro | Live Changes the Game for Live Sports

Burlington, MA, 2018/1/15

New all-in-one sports graphics solution combines data-driven graphics, sports enhancements, and video playout to optimize live sports production

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID), a leading global media technology provider for the creation, distribution and monetization of media assets for global media organizations, enterprise users and individual creative professionals, announced the availability of Maestro™ | Live. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of live television sports productions, Maestro | Live offers data driven graphics, video playback and sports enhancements, in a single solution.

Maestro | Live was created specifically for the unpredictable nature of live sports events. It enables the operator to respond quickly to the changes that take place during live broadcasts. For example, its plug-and-play integration with real-time sports databases and scoreboard protocols ensures that data like scores and player stats are updated live seamlessly, enabling broadcasters to present relevant data in real time. Ideal for prime-time productions, Maestro | Live supports both 1080P and UHD.

“Sports broadcasters face the challenge of engaging audiences in new and innovative ways and need a solution that is economical, powerful, and easy to use,” said Alan Hoff, vice president of market solutions at Avid. “Maestro | Live delivers with a system that handles video and UHD-quality graphics and enables sports broadcasters to deliver stand-out productions that move at the pace of the game they’re covering.”

As each sport has its own specific requirements, Maestro | Live enables users to easily create controllers without any programming or scripting. Maestro | Live’s simple drag-and-drop methodology enables the user to quickly and easily address the changing needs of each sports production and turn around projects faster, at a lower cost. Out of the box, Maestro | Live comes with ready-made controllers for major sports such as soccer and basketball.

Maestro | Live is part of the Maestro graphics family, which enables content creators to work faster and more efficiently, and helps them to distinguish their brand to set themselves apart from the competition and build viewer loyalty. For more information on Maestro | Live, please visit: www.avid.com/products/maestro-live.

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