Avid and Haivision Deliver on Secure Remote IP Contribution in Live Production Environments

BURLINGTON, Mass, 2021/1/27

Partnership unlocks the power of IP contribution from anywhere with the MediaCentral platform

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) today announced a partnership with Haivision (TSX: HAI), a leading provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and networking solutions, to enable the ingest of incoming IP streams for television news and remote live TV production scenarios in both on-premises and cloud-based production workflows. This is the first of several partnerships building on the launch of MediaCentral® | Stream to simplify workflows and provide an unparalleled level of openness for broadcasters and content providers.

The partnership between Avid and Haivision provides clients with a complete solution for live IP video ingest and editing. As part of the partnership, Avid will resell and integrate Haivision products, including the Makito X4 video encoder and Haivision Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Gateway. This new capability significantly simplifies remote IP contribution by streamlining workflows and making remotely generated content delivered via IP quickly available for production.

Users can now ingest live content from anywhere with MediaCentral | Stream and Haivision’s Makito X4 low-latency video encoder. The Makito X4 streams live HD and UHD content over any mobile or fixed IP network using the open-source protocol SRT originally developed by Haivision for delivering high-quality video over IP networks.

“Historically, it has been difficult and expensive for broadcasters to get live feeds from remote locations into their production environments,” said Raul Alba, Director of Product Marketing - Media and Cloud at Avid. “Our partnership with Haivision is enabling tested, verified and cost-efficient IP contribution into Avid production environments from anywhere, while reducing costs for media companies who can now leverage secure SRT IP contribution using standard internet. Together we are helping broadcasters simplify their workflow and open up new revenue opportunities.”

“Haivision’s partnership with Avid enables cost effective live video acquisition over IP networks into any Avid production environment,” said Peter Maag, CMO and EVP Strategic Partnerships at Haivision. “Media, news, and sports organizations can now take advantage of Avid’s powerful MediaCentral platform combined with Haivision’s live video networking solutions to streamline costs, cover more events, and reduce time to air without compromising quality.”

For more information on Avid’s broadcast and media production workflows and solutions, visit https://www.avid.com/mediacentral-stream. Also, register in North America and EMEA for Avid and Haivision’s “IP Workflows for News in Avid Environments” webinar taking place on February 10th.

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