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Accelerate editing with AI-powered dialog search

Meet the new and improved AI-powered PhraseFind AI! Stop wasting time and money generating transcripts of your projects just to organize and locate media more easily. With PhraseFind AI—the powerful new version of the acclaimed dialog indexing and search option for Media Composer subscriptions and included with Media Composer | Ultimate and Media Composer | Enterprise—you can quickly find all relevant clips by simply typing a word or phrase. PhraseFind AI automatically analyzes all clips in your project and indexes all audible dialog, so you can spend less time searching for the right media and more time focusing on what matters most—your story


    • Work faster and easier with new features

      Leveraging robust and powerful AI technology, PhraseFind AI can index volumes of dialog-driven media and deliver search results quickly, saving valuable time and money. When results are found, the whole sentence which includes the search terms is displayed. It also provides automatic transcript creation, a new transcription management tool, and automatic multi-lingual language detection.

    • Find the right clips fast

      Eliminate the need to review, log, and triage hundreds of hours of footage to find what you’re looking for. PhraseFind AI does the “listening” work for you and then locates all relevant clips based on your search criteria in seconds, with highly accurate results. Plus, with the Auto-fill feature, you can perform more efficient searches to speed things along.

    • Experience seamless integration

      PhraseFind AI directly integrates with your Media Composer Find tool, so you can immediately start editing clips right from within your search results. No need to export or import clips, or even find the right bin or media file. All search results are automatically ranked for accuracy and appear in a virtual bin in Media Composer. You can even use other search criteria in the Find tool to refine results further.

    • Speed up your workflow

      No need to know where your desired media is housed. PhraseFind AI can search project material stored across local and shared storage. You can also save any frequently performed search and limit your search results to only locate clips from a given tape name, video resolution, or any other bin column metadata you want.

    • Work in different languages

      PhraseFind AI supports a wide variety of languages and dialects, including English (American, Australian, and UK), Arabic, Dutch, Flemish, French (Canadian and European), German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Castilian and Latin American), Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, and Turkish. This enables you to work on projects and locate clips in a multitude of languages.

    • Access PhraseFind AI with the latest Media Composer

      Accelerate and elevate your storytelling with PhraseFind AI in Media Composer 2023.12 and later versions. Get ahead of the pack by leveraging the new AI-powered features to boost your efficiency.

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